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2003-12-29 18:46:19 (UTC)


Bound to Love

I hate the memories
They bring tears to my eyes
And how you begged me please
And it was too late to realize…

I break down the tallest wall
Allow you room in my heart
Giving me reason to trip and fall
Handing me lies, tearing me apart…

I fight to free myself from all of this
I doubt every one and what they say
Just to fall when I dream of your kiss
I felt like this that day…

This part of me I lock inside
You unlocked the deepest emotion
Unlocked all that I hide
Forcing me to show complete devotion…

I’m bound to fall soon, as before
I can see the tears falling constantly
I don’t know why I keep coming back for more…
Soon you have to let me go, set me free…

Incapable of letting go
I feel it every day, this pain
Hating the possibilities will show…
As you leave I have nothing to gain…
©Steph Dodson

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