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2003-12-29 16:43:00 (UTC)

Doctors and diets

I saw Dr today, and she was lovely as ever.

We talked about the options I have from psychotherapist
assessment and she is going to help me decide what to do
and support me. Bless!

As soon as I went into her room, she thanked me for the
Christmas card I got her - awwww... she had it on the side
and it was the only one.

I asked if she had a nice Christmas and she said "Not
exactly" I asked why not and it turns out she had
gastroenteritis, poor love. She then went on to say that
she didn't know if it was worse for her or her family... I
was thinking ...husband, kids... :( but NO! She then
said "My poor mum had to look after me."

I am such a soppy cow but I was really happy to hear that
she spent Christmas with her parental family and not a
husband and children-type one. What am I like?!?!

So anyway, it was nice to see her again and she has given
me antibiotics for arm, which is quite infected. Cos i am
allergic to penicillin and erythromycin, there is always a
rapid search through the book when docs prescribe me anti-
b's. She seemed to be having trouble finding the right one,
so I suggested sodium fusidate. It is usually topical, so I
was stupidly proud to know that it comes in tablets too! So
that is what I am on.

Day 2 of Atkins diet...

Well, I am finding my weight start to creep back up, so I
thought I would give it a go. So far it seems to be great!
I eat as much eggs, cheese, meat as I like... I also have
to avoid alcohol, which will be the greatest challenge, but
will probably save my life!

I also found that the website gives you all the details of
diet, food carb values etc so I don't need to buy the book.

I hope it works, tho right now I feel a bit bloated,
because I have had 4 eggs and some cheese and some bacon
today, when normally I would probably have had a sandwich.
Oh well, if it works it could be the best thing ever!

Cat x