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2003-12-29 11:25:19 (UTC)

drop dead GORGEOUS

I still don't understand. I was the top-ranked girls volleyball player in Connecticut - even offered an Assistant Coaching position at UCON with a free ride scholarship, yet my own hometown college wouldn't accept me. Why? I joined the Navy at my Dad's advice. He'd been in during the Vietnam war as a helicopter pilot. He cited my experience as a volunteer at a nearby nursing home as good preparaton for the job of Corpwave in the Navy. I knew what he meant because he and his war buddies talked about "the good ol' days" all the time. I met with the recruiter anyway. He said I could go in as an e3. I assumed that was good. And it was.

After Boot Camp in Orlando I went to Corps School in San Diego. I loved it there. The weathers perfect. I also had the chance to spend time with my great aunt who lived in nearby Chula Vista. Her name was Minnie, and she's my mom's sister's brother's........never mind. My first assignment was on the USS Hope - a hospital ship. I was able to visit about a dozen nations, and took pride in representing the United States. I took online USAFI courses onboard, and developed an interest in psychology. Eventually I applied for N-P School. So it was off to San Antonio. I met this Army dude there named King. He was gorgeous. We screwed in the weight room more than once. I wanted to get caught because I loved him so much. In his room in the barracks, I would go down on him for hours. He gave me a bracelet. The rules about uniforms, shoes, haircuts, tats, piercings, etc, are different in the Navy than in the Army. In the Navy there really are no rules about dress codes. King kept bugging me about anal sex. I loved him, but kept putting it off because I was unsure. Eventually I agreed. I took a shower and did my hair. My roomie Michele helped me with my make-up and hair. She's a wiz. She went to beauty school for 3 months before enlisting. King was 6' 3", and I'm only 5'5". I wore six inch heels I bought just for him, and wore a yellow dress with a chiffon midriff. It was lo-cut and easily hiked. I looked my best. He knew it. He took me around to his friends, and I had to put up with that stuff. But I did, and I did it for King.

We finally got to his room in the barracks. His roomie was sleeping. I did everything he wanted. He wanted a lot. That was OK. When it came time for anal sex, he was very gentle and understanding. My friends and I play with dildos all the time, but this was different. The REAL MCCOY so to speak. I love it. I made him promise to do it again. He said he would.

The next day right outsde of the classroom he called me a "Navy whore". That's how he broke up with me. Suddenly Ididn't care. If he's that big of a jerk.

After graduating, I was stationed in Oakland. There were 7 wards in the psych department there. One of the wards handled only officers, and minor dependent females. Some of the dependents - all were female - actually lived on the ward. They got passes, and went home most weekends, but basically the hospital was where they lived.

I had this co-worker named Paul. We became friends. He was dating one of the girls on the psych ward. They seemed like a perfect match. They even talked about getting married and moving to Pennsacola, where her twin sisters lived. The Navy took an interest in their relationship and told Paul that if he wanted to stay with her, he would be discharged. It would be Honorable, and he'd get all his benefits. But if he wanted to finish his 4 year enlistment, that he would have to break it off with her until he got out - more than two years later. I told him it was a no-brainer; "Of course take the deal and get out. She loves you Paul". He broke up with her. So he could finish his enlistment.

Two weeks later she returned from a weekend pass with a gun. She laid in her bed and shot herself in the abdomen. Her friends told us she was pregnant, and Paul was the father and knew it. I don't even know if she died. Neither does Paul.

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