Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-12-29 10:21:04 (UTC)

I talked with you in a dream, Aphrodite.

Well, no last night I dreamed that the school was sieged by
Uruk Hai and I had to run away with the hobbits but there
were only Merry and Pippin. .Where the others went I never
found out. So stood in the office area deciding which way
to turn then they blocked the entrances, so I went to the
science labs and hid up in the ceiling :S They couldn't
reach me but could reach Fat Hobbit who fell down into the
cellar, with Merry and Pippin, who were then taken by the
evil Uruk-Hai. Then I woke up 'cos my dad was talking
v.loudly about the boiler to his mate. Grrrr I hate getting
woken up during the holiday especially by my dad. If it's
not by him then it's by next door of my sister with her
crappy music, so I have to go to my grandmas if I want to
sleep in, but my cousin is staying on wednesday so I won't
be able to sleep up there :( Woe is me.

Haven't written anything in this diary for quite a while,
mainly because there's been nothing to write about.
Umm...except I've become a little obsessed with those
quizzes on quizilla, and allthetests, and putting them into
my deadjournal.

Gas man's here to fix the boiler. Must...stop...writing.

Back now. The boiler's decided to work now the gas man's
here-me thinks he's a bit pissed off.
Anyways so the other day i had a dream that I was laying in
bed and at the other end my feet was in broken glass. It
was cutting me but I wasn't bleeding.

I'm only talking about my dreams because, as I said
earlier, there's not much to write about. hasn't
snowed over Xmas, however today it's frosty and the roofs
are all white, tricking me into a sense of snowyness. :( I
miss snow.