Erotic Stories
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2003-12-29 08:06:51 (UTC)

The Dinner

Gwen entered the harem to see all the girls sleeping.
Tonya had Francesca in her arms. Gwen grew suddenly
jealous and picked Francesca up and took her to they're
bed chamber. As she laid Francesca on the bed, she noticed
that her ass was pink. She had been punished. She hoped
she would be the first to spank Francesca. Well, she would
just have to do it better when the oppurtunity arouse.
"Wake up my pet." Francesca's eyes fluttered and
immeadialty noticed Gwens protruding breasts. She grew
hungry. "I see you were bad. Hmmm well maybe i won't let
you eat till dinner now." Francesca's stomach rumbeled.
She longed for the taste of 'mothers' milk. Gwen looked
down. "you deserve it for breaking a rule. Before dinner
though, i'll let you feel them." She put Francesca's hands
on her throbbing mounds. tears welled up in Francesca's
eyes, she was so hungry and she wanted these glorious tits
to feed her. "Come now, we're going to dinner." She tied a
leash around Francesca's neck and led her out the door to
a dining hall. She tied Francesca to her chair and sat
"Hello Everyone, i'd like you to meet my new pet,
Francesca." The men and women at the table raised they're
glasses and took a drink. Francesca sat on Gwen's lap and
watched her eat as she felt her throbbing tits against her
back. She longed for real food and her mouth started to
water. A woman next to her laughed.
"O how cute, she wants grown up food." Gwen laughed.
"Now now, you're not ready for that kind of food.
Francesca looked up into Gwens face with hunger. Gwen
laughed again "You have to learn to wait! Since you were
bad today, you're going to wait until we're done and we'll
watch you eat." Francesca's stomach rumbeled yet again. As
Gwen spoke to the people around her, she traced her
fingers around Francesca's body and put her knew between
her ass cheecks. Francesca sighed and her mouth watered as
she watched Gwen eat. Everyone finished and commented on
the meal. Gwen untied her shirt. 'Finally' though
Francesca. "Now mommy's ready. Everyone watch how cute she
is." She lifted Francesca's head to the left breast and
told her to wrap her arms about her neck. Francesca put
her mouth to the breast and sucked rapidly.
"mmmmmm" her muffled cooes of hunger made the audience
clap. The milk dripped onto her chin and chest but she
raveged the breast. Everyone watched until she was done.
When she pulled away She saw everyone uncomfortably
shifiting. She could tell they were aroused. But she saw
one man with wavy black hair up to his chin which had a
cleft in it. He had a stubble beard and searching brown
eyes. He was in a knights uniform. Next to him was another
man who was younger. His face was clean shaven and he had
brown hair that wasn't long at all but what you would see
on a boy today. He was very handsome with a fair
complexion and green eyes. He was looking hungirly at
Francesca and nudging the rugged man. Francesca grew
curious of both...