It smells like poop over here
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2003-12-29 06:25:15 (UTC)

floyd is dead, he's nothing but a ripple...

...cause milly took that paper and sliced him on the
nipple..." i seriously haven't listened to or even heard
phish in a long ass time. probably over a year. kate gave
two mix cd's of them for christmas. nothing live, but
that's cool. thought that counts, and that was a good
lauren came over today. no sex, since im still kinda
sick. i think everything is cool between us. im not sure
why she's going out with me still. a couple of times she
said i was hot, but i haven't heard that in a long while.
never saw it anyway. and every day when i look in the
mirror, i think i looker, uglier and uglier, fatter and
fatter (im all the way back up to 230) and balder and
balder. seriously, i gotta do something about my hair. i
don't wanna be a 22 year old bald kid. fuck that would
suck. i can't even put gel in my hair anymore cause i only
get like 5 spikes and you can see straight through my thin
ass hair. fuck, im a god damn ogar. fat, ugly, bald. bald.
bald. i don't wanna go bald. i want hair. i gotta lose
weight, and get a fucking hair transplant. i like having
hair. i bet that would make me a lil cuter. PEACE


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