My Diary
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2003-12-29 05:17:50 (UTC)

The Beautiful Alycia......

Well....Today (Sunday December 28) Alycia Ann Savoy came
to my house. But before she came to my house. I had been
riding Quinns fourwheeler all day. I talked to Jordan and
Justin too and road with them for a little while. But soon
Quinn and Blake came back and he just had to have his
fourwheeler back. So I went home and played basketball.
Then I saw Renee outside sitting on the porch at Justins
because Amanda and Jordan (The maniac) were riding the
fourwheeler and Justin was riding his I ran
across the yard and met Renee on the road. So I gave her a
big hug then Jordan, Amanda, Justin, Quinn and Blake came
too..So I talked to them for a while then we all split up
and I went home to wait for the Wonderful Alycia. While I
was waiting for Alycia, Austin went to when
Alycia got here we went get Quinn and Grants bikes and
tried to ride them (BAD IDEA) I almost fell. So We went
bring something to my mom from aunt stacie and stopped and
talked to AUSTIN and Jordan and Justin. Then we went ride
to Justins and visited with Amanda and Renee...Then we
went bring the bikes back to Quinns and then rode the
fourwheeler. Then we went back to Justins because Renee
was driving Mrs. Mel's truck and ran over my neighbors
Bike and she felt really bad. Then Austin got on the front
of the fourhweeler and we rode circles around the house.
Then me and Alycia went to Quinns and played Washers ((
BORING )) with Quinn and Blake and We quit in the middle
of the game and went to my house. We Picked up my room.
Then Aunt Stacie and Quinn and them came eat over here.
Then we went outside and sat on the swings (( BORING )).
Then Quinn got mad because I threw acorns at him, so him
and Blake left and me and Alycia came in here and got on
the computer and we've been singing since then.

Now me and Alycia are STILL singing and its 1116 so we are
going watch Freaky Friday. Then we are prolly gunna go to
sleep. Then we are waking up in the morning at 7:30. We
are prolly do the same thing we did today tom. So its
gunna be a LLLLOOONNNGGG day. Atleast we get to be with
the people we love the mostest!!!

Kelsie And Alycia

I Love You Austin!!

WE Love
Samantha Ann
Joseph Michael