My feelings
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2003-12-29 05:15:04 (UTC)


I dont why but for some odd reason i feel ever so lonesome
today. I feel so unwanted and unloved, i never thought in
my life i could feel feelings such as this. My mom is busy
on vacation wit I dont know and my sister, all she does is
scream and brat around well she is a good sister but her
priorities are not wit her family but wit the guys.
I miss my dad. These are the moments i wish my parents had
never divorce. I wish i can talk to him like a daughter and
tell him my problems.
I need to stop writing because even my heart cant take in
all this pain.
I know that God is the answer to my problems. but i always
wonder why me. I am a good person and i dont feel like i
deserve this feeling. Its hard to stick to him when
everyone else around you isnt.

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