Just Another Day In Paradise
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2003-12-29 04:50:16 (UTC)

Still Outside...'s been a while huh? This break has definately had
some hard times...I never thought that I could possibly be
spending my Christmas without my Mother..or perhaps with
her, in the hospital. Tremendously sad we decorated on
Christmas Eve..:( but eventually I realized that it didn't
matter when we decorated only that we DID decorate..and my
Mother came home to a house full of Christmas spirit on
Christmas Eve. It was still an unbelievable Christmas,
Jason, Sami, and I slept in the same room, keeping our
tradition alive! We woke up and spent the day together
welcoming a few others that had to be away from their
families on Christmas. The Arredondo's again showed how
great of people they are by inviting us to dinner on
Christmas Eve..the Warner's invited us as well...some
people are so awesome! Mom told me about this old veteran
that came to her room right before she checked out of the
hospital...she said he had one sock on and he had a santa
hat on and his shirt was unbuttoned...the nurses asked her
if she wanted him to leave and she told them that he could
stay and all he wanted was someone to talk to on Christmas Mom is the greatest lady alive...she never ceases
to teach me another lesson in making others smile. We
spoiled them for Christmas, Mom and Dad thoroughly enjoyed
their Christmas. On Christmas my Mom decided to allow us
to take care of three outside cats...they belong to our
neighbors but they are not taken care of...Jake, Riley, and
Momma (named by me! hehe) are now content to eat everyday
and have warm places to sleep. After everything great that
happened there is still one thing I would change....things
were great when we left school, we were talking and once
again happy...the end to our hard times was in sight....I
called her on Christmas..she was asleep...surprise surprise
hehe...I never got a call back...I think that was the first
time we haven't spoken on Christmas since we met...I'm
still very much 16th birthday is
Thursday....growing up...the one thing we both always
feared....I'm not sure what fears we share anymore...nor am
I expecting any calls from anyone...I don't think my
friends will remember...and of everything...that hurts
most. I didn't think about it until now, yesterday I got
to spend Christmas money and spend time with my family...I
now know for sure that I'll have no problem getting along
with my parents with just the three of us living in the
house. Like all other tears...these too will pass...maybe
I just need to give other people a try..a different
crowd...who knows? Oh the highlight of my day...the
Christmas Tree fell on top of Sami! No worries, she's
alright...she's just going for Grace of the Year! it was
excellent..we heard her mumble "Mom HELP!" and we ran in
and found nothing but her feet and the Christmas Tree on
it's side, all is well now! Oh hey guys, I cleaned out my
closet...I've decided that I'm definitely having a small
home if I can get three trash bags full of clothes and four
trash bags full of trash out of my itty bitty closet..I
don't wanna know what I could do to a huge house...I'd be
cleaning FOREVER!!!! I've gotten to see Erik a lot this
break and I'm getting to know his family better...I'm so
happy! All in all the smiles overtake the tears and I
can't wait for the rest of my break and fun times with my
family. I have my first practice with the Craven Community
Band and my first day of Symphonic Band on the 5th and then
on the 10th I have All-District Auditions! Wish me