Oh,The Insanity
2003-12-29 04:04:37 (UTC)

I laugh, I feel, I make believe it's real

just when things start to look up...life gets shitty
again. I just found out I've been placed on Academic
Suspesion, which means I can't register for more than 8
credit hours and I'm not eligible for Financial Aid or
Loans...which means, I have to come up with money so I can
go to school this semester. I was like "shit." I knew I
did bad in all of my classes, but I thought I'd have
another chance to fix that. Now I have to appeal the
Board's decision to revoke my aid...what am I supposed to
do? tell them about my shitty time with my mom or how my
car wasn't driveable for most of the time. Or how I got
stuck in shit classes like PRE ALGEBRA....I mean, wtf?
That's why I stopped goin, that's why I did badly, and
maybe Advanced Comp was a little too difficult. so, once
again, life is shitty.
Maybe something REALLY good could happen to me for
once...nah, not likely
Peace, Love and Academically-Suspended Marshmallows