2003-12-29 03:44:31 (UTC)

The Swim

Casey was a pretty girl at 19. She was 5'8" with a slim
frame and a nice figure. She had long blonde hair that
fell down her back and bright green eyes. She was the girl
next door and everybody's friend. All the guys wanted her,
but only a few choice few got her.

Her boyfriend was Marc. He was 6'4" with brown hair and a
very muscular build. They had been dating for awhile, but
they had not had sex yet. Marc loved Casey, but was
getting a little bit anxious.

As he pulled into her drive she opened the door and walked
out to welcome him. She looked cute in her little bikini
and a robe that she had on, but wasn't tied in the front.
They walked to the back and hopped into the pool. After
swimming and getting refresed, Casey got out and sat on the
edge of the pool. Marc swam up next to her and wrapped his
arms around her. "You know Marc - I think that it's time
that we took this relationship to the next step." "Oh
really?" "Yes." She replied back softly. She stood up and
untied her bikini top, revealing her 34D's to him. He
climbed out and began to kiss her while lightly rubbing his
hands over her firm breasts and then kissing down to her
tits and sucking on them... teasing them lightly with his

HE sat her down on the side of the pool and slid back in,
while sliding her bikini bottoms down. He continued to
massage her breasts as he kissed her inner thighs and made
his way to her pussy. It was already gleaming and wet. He
licked the lips to her pussy and teased her clit with his
tongue. He began to suck on her clit and listened to her
soft moans. He knew that she was a virgin, so wanted to
make this memorable. He slowly slid his tongue in and out
of her pussy and then began to more fiercly fuck her with
his tongue.

"Marc... I want to be fucked." Casey told him. He pulled
her into the water while at the same time pulled down his
swim shorts over his already very hard cock. His 9 inch
cock had been waiting for Casey's hot and tight pussy for
some time. He leaned her against the wall and sat her down
on his hard throbbing cock. She screamed in both pain and
exstacy. He pumped his cock into her until she screamed
that she was cumming and he came right along with her.


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