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2003-12-29 03:34:08 (UTC)

Some stuff to tell!

Dear diary,
What is going on people? Damn, its been a long ass
time since I've written in this thing. A lot has happened.
Christmas just passed and it was a pretty good one too.
Laura and I spend it together. I stayed at her house and
woke up and there she was, right next to me. I'll never
get tired of that. We're almost on our 1 year anniversary.
Right now, we've just completed 10 months. Damn, we've
probably gone through more stuff than a 2 year
relationship would go through. Good and bad stuff have
happened but we're doing so good now. I just love that
girl with everything I have. I've never felt this way in
my life. I've always loved her. I just had to hide it.
Even when I was with someone else in my past, I was in
love with Laura. Thats why I wouldn't hold her hand or
show that much affection cause no. All I could think about
was Laura. Yeah it was wrong but oh well. Shes my first
ever love and I love her to death. No bull-shitting. We've
grown like alot. Im beginning to mature, its about damn
time too but I still have my childness in me which is
good. Laura too, lol. I LOVE YOU MUM! But yeah we've made
mistakes, mostly her, lol (I made a funny!), but we're
still hanging on damn it! This is like true love. But yeah
its been a bumpy road but its worth it when having the
right girl by your side. But um yeah. Lets see....I want
to say hi to Cheryl and Cindy! My big sisters! Damn they
so fucking rock! I love them cause they've helped me so
much. Through "the hell" part. Anyways...yeah we've been
all going out to the clubs all these months since I've
graduated. (CLASS OF 2003 ROCKS!!) Ok well I've written
alot already, I got to go. Write back on this shit later.
Bye gente!


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