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2003-12-29 02:40:03 (UTC)

better i guess

hey hey hey...i guess i am feeling a little better from
yesterday..i think i just needed to vent..however i am a
little dissapointed bcos like i was supposed to be goin to
a cavs game with my aunt & cousin & she told me yesterday
she was gonna let me know by 1 (today) if i was going..well
NO ONE CALLED!!!! and so i sat here all day thinking maybe
she would..& i turned down a few people's asking me to come
over just bcos i thought that she would end up calling..but
she never did...so yea i was mad about that..but now i'm ok
about it cos i got to take a nap..but while i was laying
there i began to realize that i have 2 theories about my
life & other people in them: 1)that no one out there REALLY
likes me & that they're all just pretending,(why? i have no
clue, bcos you'd think they would just not talk to me or
something..w/e..) & 2)there is something out there that
everyone knows about me (but i don't) like that i have some
sort of cancer or something..but see everyone THINKS I know
(when i don't) and so they all only talk to me bcos they
feel bad for me or something...who knows..this is just howi
feel..so yea..i cried tonite...but no biggie..but it felt
kinda weird to cry cos i haven't cried for a looong time...
odd...ok well thats all for today..ttyl

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