Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2003-12-29 00:08:56 (UTC)


everything is good. i went to cracker barrel last night
with my mum and dad. my bro didnt want to go b/c he was in
a game w/ luke over the internet. big thing since luke
lives in new york. it wasnt half bad. today hasnt been the
best day. well it has been ok for me but not the best for
my friend. today he did the hardest thing in his life right
now. him and his girlfriend of 20 months broke up today. i
wasnt there for him. i wasnt home. i could have been. i
should have been. he's been there for me through
everything. he needed me today and i wasnt there. i dont
like not being there for my friends. but thats what
happened. hes got his reasons. im not going to tell them.
thats his bussness. not mine.

one thing last night i was wondering if skitzo could be a
normal thing....but its just that to normal ppl it dont
happen normally. i mean...people are always argueing with
themselves. like good vs evil parts of each other. i was
watching LOTR Two Towers (the 1st scene where Gollum has
his skitzo convo.) and i was wondering that. its just a
random thought.

well im gonna go. were having christmas with the family

Love Always,

todays thought: everything happens for a reason.
god never shuts one door in life without opening another.
and sometimes we look too long on the door that was shut
that we dont notice the door that has been opened. never
forget that.