Earth Chronicles
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2003-12-29 00:04:57 (UTC)

Long Ago

Cold, drab, aging, aimless, apathetic… I wish I could come
up with something more encouraging, but for the moment
these words describe me. In light of recent events the
last fifteen years seem like nothing but a series of half-
assed vain pursuits. Perhaps the catharsis of writing
will reveal the silver lining hidden in a mostly cloudy

During my sophomore year at Purdue University the
righteously radical rebel identity I crafted in
adolescence began to crumble. I fancied myself an
idealist and an iconoclast with fundamentally good
motives, but my time with Cathy would change that
comforting self image permanently.

The details have fogged a bit in the intervening 16 years,
but I’ll do my best to recount the events from the
earliest point of interest, my senior year at Munster High
School. My reputation as a radical but respected member
of the student body was firmly in place.

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