the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-28 21:51:18 (UTC)

wierd convos...

dreadheadgoddess: then he was like "ching chang chow"
dreadheadgoddess: then he tried to karate kick me
xhelloximxdeadx: that means suck my dick in chinese
xhelloximxdeadx: haha u got molested by chineseman
dreadheadgoddess: does it really mean that?
dreadheadgoddess: it does not
xhelloximxdeadx: why do u think u hear it all the time
dreadheadgoddess: no fucking way
dreadheadgoddess: omg
xhelloximxdeadx: HAHAHA the chineseman told u to suck his

xhelloximxdeadx: im still a baby remember?
oty 152002: :-(
oty 152002: i guess.
xhelloximxdeadx: its cuz my bottom is so smooth
xhelloximxdeadx: the key factor in being a baby is the
smooth bottom
oty 152002: lol i wish mine was smooth
oty 152002: mine is hairy.
oty 152002: :-(
xhelloximxdeadx: like a gorilla?
xhelloximxdeadx: thats dirty
oty 152002: even worse.
xhelloximxdeadx: i still love you
xhelloximxdeadx: even if your ass is home to a miniature
oty 152002: and i dont shower, so its growing cheese.
oty 152002: mini?
oty 152002: oh so now its the moon?
xhelloximxdeadx: even MY ass is mini compared to brazil
oty 152002: lol
oty 152002: im from brazil! lol
xhelloximxdeadx: no you arent
xhelloximxdeadx: we are from america
oty 152002: AH we ARENT BRITISH
oty 152002: omg my mom told me that we are really WELSH
oty 152002: wich is like british, only better
oty 152002: like cicilian and italian
xhelloximxdeadx: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: we are top of the line
xhelloximxdeadx: platinum brits
oty 152002: im italian!

xhelloximxdeadx: that was a horrible
xhelloximxdeadx: popping a boner sounds very painful
dreadheadgoddess: I just learned what it was.
xhelloximxdeadx: you just learned what a boner is?
dreadheadgoddess: yep
xhelloximxdeadx: jeez....do you even know what a condom is?
dreadheadgoddess: yes i do..
xhelloximxdeadx: ok good
dreadheadgoddess: its a finger from those latex gloves the
dentist throws out after he is done with them
dreadheadgoddess: and i no that they canbe flavored or glow
in the dark lmao
dreadheadgoddess: lol!
dreadheadgoddess: EXTRA LARGE!
xhelloximxdeadx: or extra small
xhelloximxdeadx: for those unfortunate couples
dreadheadgoddess: yes how sad :-( how sad lol
xhelloximxdeadx: i know
dreadheadgoddess: Ur great
xhelloximxdeadx: why is that?
Auto response from dreadheadgoddess: .brb.

thursday9022: I hate my dad
thursday9022: sometimes i want to beat the shit out of him.
thursday9022: i can still beat him up i have grabbed him
and shoved him in the closet b4
xhelloximxdeadx: omg!
xhelloximxdeadx: why?
thursday9022: cuz he is a fag
xhelloximxdeadx: what did he do that u shoved him in the
thursday9022: yelled at me..
thursday9022: mad my life miserable
xhelloximxdeadx: how?
thursday9022: by being gay
xhelloximxdeadx: he is not gay
thursday9022: he hits on me all the time ..
xhelloximxdeadx: where?
thursday9022: haha just kidding
xhelloximxdeadx: OMG!
thursday9022: i mean
thursady9022: he is gay
xhelloximxdeadx: oh
thursday9022: so he hits on me all the time
xhelloximxdeadx: ic
thursday9022: im like im am not gay
thursday9022: u fag
thursday9022: lolz haha
xhelloximxdeadx: ur lying arent u
xhelloximxdeadx: u really like him alot
thursday9022: no
thursday9022: no
thursday9022: i hate him
xhelloximxdeadx: where does he hit u?
thursday9022: omg.hahah
xhelloximxdeadx: wait!
xhelloximxdeadx: oh
thursday9022: it was a joke..i was like he hits on me
xhelloximxdeadx: i get it
xhelloximxdeadx: he hits on u
xhelloximxdeadx: lol
thursday9022: hahah
thursday9022: omg ur soo slow
xhelloximxdeadx: i am sry
xhelloximxdeadx: u put him in a closet?
thursday9022: haha
xhelloximxdeadx: did u like shove him in?
xhelloximxdeadx: and lock the door?
thursday9022: no i just put him in the closer
xhelloximxdeadx: what did he do, yell?
thursday9022: yeah
xhelloximxdeadx: what does ur mom do when this is going on
thursday9022: she has some coffee
xhelloximxdeadx: what?!
thursday9022: eats some cookies
thursday9022: no
thursday9022: my mom gets mad
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: how could u put ur dad in a closet
thursday9022: im strong
thursday9022: lol...
xhelloximxdeadx: really?
xhelloximxdeadx: u did
thursday9022: yeah

dreadheadgoddess: WHAT!!!!!!!!
dreadheadgoddess: OMG!
dreadheadgoddess: HOW COULD U!
dreadheadgoddess: GRRRRRRR
xhelloximxdeadx: WhAT!
dreadheadgoddess: MY VAIN JUST POPPED
xhelloximxdeadx: ????
xhelloximxdeadx: omg!!!!!!!!!
xhelloximxdeadx: NO
dreadheadgoddess: GIVING BROWNIES AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dreadheadgoddess: WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!
dreadheadgoddess: THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED!
xhelloximxdeadx: omg
xhelloximxdeadx: CALM DOWN
dreadheadgoddess: no!!!!!!!!!! this is so not cool di!
dreadheadgoddess: !!
dreadheadgoddess: not cool at all
xhelloximxdeadx: omg
xhelloximxdeadx: its ok
dreadheadgoddess: NO!
dreadheadgoddess: u call giving brownies to people besides
me and jeremy ok?
dreadheadgoddess: u know how much i love them!
dreadheadgoddess: how could u do this to me !!! :'(
xhelloximxdeadx: its ooooooooooooook
dreadheadgoddess: diana!
dreadheadgoddess: for once
dreadheadgoddess: IT IS NOT OK
xhelloximxdeadx: gee, im sorry lol..