malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-12-28 19:42:27 (UTC)

the sun rose

at five-fifty six, i woke up and stepped out onto the
balcony, it was nearly six and the air was cold, but fresh,
sending all sorts of feelings my way, it was a new wind, and
as i looked up there was a rosy rising of the sun, as clear
as could be expected, i thought there might be fog, but the
day has yet to see a hint of the cold so newly gone. its
nice to wake up, and actually be present for the dawning of
a new day, such a renewed feeling, like a breath when one
breaks the surface of the water. there was still frost,
which quickly glossed over when those virgin rays hit the
roof of my house. for the first time in such a long while, i
felt happy this morning, as i crawled back under the covers
of what i believe to be the most comfortable bed in the
world, an i lay there, watching the light creep up the
window, pawing at my blinds to come streaking through in the
radient glory of morning.


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