Nick's Journal
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2003-12-28 18:24:14 (UTC)

Logic games at Circuit City

so yeah, i went to return my monitor today. phew
weeeeeee, what a great time i had. you see i go in
knowing that this will be the most arduous task possible,
but managing to make it just me who was doing the work
alleviated a lot of stress.
so i go back to the circuit city where i got my monitor
and begin the shit. my plan was to go and grab the exact
same monitor walk up to the exchange desk and just do it
like that.....and of course that didn't work, cos they no
longer had my monitor in convienent. i
seriously believe that they do this on purpose considering
that it had a rebate offer. so the guy offered to have
it "specially delivered from the warehouse" as if 12
fucking angels would descend from the heavens and bring
forth my monitor from the rubbles of warehouse hell. now
that would have been the dumbest thing for me to do. you
see, i know from experience (a little too much fucking
experience) that the surest way to not get shit done is to
put it in the hands of people that don't give a donkey's
dick about you or your claim.
so then i asked him if any circuit city in a 100 mile
radius had the monitor, to which i replied that there was
one about 99 fucking miles away. so i hoped in my car
with my monitor and drove out there (it was really on 20
miles away).
so i get to this place monitor in hand, and i'm going and
see my prize as one of those greasy looking half yo-boy
white guys gets in front of me. i told him what i wanted
to do and he said, "well you're going to first have to get
a credit then come back and speak to
"well i hvae a better idea. how about i cut you and the
walk to and from the exchange desk out of the picture by
just carrying the replacement to the service area MYSELF
and just get it all done with there." to which (and i'm
not kidding) he placed himself between me and the monitor
i wanted and empathically stated,
"i'm sorry but i have to follow the procedure."
wow. i couldn't believe it. so i went over to the
exhange desk and of course i'm staring into the most
vacant eyes on earth. the disenfranchised, disempowered,
disinterested employee. now it's not that i view these
people as stupid, it's just that i'm so agitated by their
complete and utter indifference. the one thing i don't
get is, if they're so indifferent why do they always turn
into sherlock holmes when they ask you all the shit about
your return reason. i mean i believe they just jack off
under the counter as they make your life miserable. so
here goes that part.
"reason for return?"
"a pixel already burnt out and i've only had it for 2 days"
to this i get whatever is one degree past a vacant stare
and then a holler of,
"ed......ED!!! come here i don't know what to do with this
so ed, a huge nerdy looking white guy comes up, looking so
disinterestingly disgruntled i didn't even want to try
this. so i told him and then he said,
"a pixel? that's a really minor malfunction don't you
time for the second wow. you know i should have seen it
coming, i should have seen it coming that they would bitch
about me bringing it back and make my life miserable. so
then i decided that the only thing to do now was to try
and be just as snide to him.
"well the degree to which it's a malfunction is irrelevant
cos it's subjective. the fact that there is a malfunction
is objective and on those grounds you should replace the
"it is your OPINION that the malfunction is minor, but
that doesn't matter. i could have brought this thing in
here cos there was a big crack in the screen and you could
say it was minor"
"i wouldn't"
"well either way it is still a fact that the product you
sold me was defective and the degree to which it was isn't
a concrete fact."
so then he kind of brightened his eyes and grumbled
something and then said with a smile,
"well your rebate will be void"
now the fact he said it with a smile pissed me off so god
damn much, what a facist. to which i said that it
shouldn't be because,
"i'm not BUYING it now, i BOUGHT it in the designated
time. i'm RETURNING it, EXCHANGING the purchase was still
made in the realm of the rebate offer."
once again dim eyes just glanced over me and grumbled
finally stamping it. oddly enough i didn't have to go
back and it just came trollying out by some burly guy that
asked for more i.d. than the christing liquor store. oh
well atlesat i got my "new" monitor and so far it hasn't
fucked up! oh shit! ha, i'm juts fucking with you.