spencer love

chason pour les petits enfant
2003-12-28 10:57:02 (UTC)

Spencer Love #1

I'm 28. She' 16. We're brother and sister. Our parents divorced, so it's just me and Laura now. Laura's a sophomore and we both work at a psychiatric hospital. Her part time. Me full time. We're psych techs. She works with other teenagers, I work throughout the hospital - on every ward, as needed. Between us we make enough money for a small apartment. Everyone there knows we're brother and sister, and understand we have to share an apartment until the estate works it's way through probate. What they don't know is that Laura and I are deeply in love, and have been for over 3 years now. Until Juli came along. Juli's 18 and a senior. She also works part-time at the hospital. With her fluffy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and perfect everything, she's treated like a Goddess at school, and at work. She's very modest and always dresses down. She's polite and thoughtful. Since she's been 12, she's helped serve Thanksgiving meals to the needy.

Juli came over to our apartment early one morning. We were not expecting company. The hospital had issued a retro-active raise as a result of a brief labor dispute. As she's our friend, she picked up our checks for us and brought them over to our apartment. She knew we needed money. That's what kind of a friend she is. We had forgotten to lock the door. Juli knocked and walked in at the same instant. Our bedroom door was open. Juli caught us having sex. Laura was on top and we were both in the throes of pre-orgasm when we heard Juli yell, "Incest!"
That was two weeks ago. She threatened to expose us, and kept saying, "Incest", as she shook her head in dis-approval. "Incest". She just kept saying it. We knew what this discovery could do to us. She told us to get out of bed. We did. We were naked. She told Laura to "DROP!" - as in to her knees. She did. "Finish what you started!" Laura looked at her quizically. "Suck his cock!", she yelled. We were so afraid the neighbors heard her. Laura started giving me a blow-job as Juli watched. Laura is very very good with her mouth, and soon we fell into a love mode - practically unaware of Juli's presence. When I came, Laura was masturbating, and pulled me into her by my ass. She was stareing at me and began to quietly sob as we both got off.

Juli became angry and told us to shut-up. She said she wants to see us have sex, "not make love". "If, and only if" she said, "you do as I say. Then your secret's safe h me." We had become her subjects.

Laura and I don't even have any jeans. Because we present ourselves as brother and sister, we go out of our way to protect our secret. Laura never wears pants. Only skirts. Her hair is up, 2 inch heels, nylons, very stylish. She looks like a model. She's 5'6", dark hair, brown eyes, quivering lips, and beautiful hands and legs. he's very gentle. I'm 5'11", dark hair, brown eyes, never ever wear jeans, and look quite a bit like her. I love her. We like to hit the bars, so Laura has a fake ID. Since we hold each other, we've had to tell the bar crowd that we're lovers - not related. We play in a dart league and are well received. No one has ever questioned our relationship. We like our life. We love each other. Then here comes Juli with her polaroids, cam-corders, and schedule. We never know what's coming. One day we're walking in the park holding hands as she photgraphs us, the next day she has us rolling around on the floor at a party while party-goers take turns telling us what to do. When erect, my dick is about 17 inches, and it's hard for Laura to swallow it all, or take it all up her ass. I'm as careful as I can be, but I know it must hurt. She says, "No problem". She's so sweet. Screwing is no problem. Juli told her to call whenever she's flowing heavy so she can see me go down on her for hours. I do that anyway. But until Juli, I never did it in front of 30 people partying and making fun of us. At least we still have our jobs and are saving money. When Laura graduates 2 and 1/2 years from now, we hope to have enough bucks to move somewhere. But until then, I geuss we belong to Juli, and now her 14 year old sister Lori. Juli and Lori have so many tapes and pictures of us having sex, we know they'll get around. We're like holding our breath and hoping to get out of Dodge before we get humuliated. Actually, Laura and I believe we could deal with that, but we don't want to get fired, or her go to girls house, or jeopardize the probate proceedings. Probate is going to last 5 - 10 years before we see a penny as mom and dad won't even look at each other. Laura thinks we'll get stuck with debts, not money. She's probably right. Laura's so smart. so funny, so beautiful. Gentle like a flower.

Yesterday I bought her a ring. A good one. We love each other.

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