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2003-12-28 08:22:22 (UTC)


driving over the triboro today i was anxious, nervous.
thinking about a bomb going off. thinking about a plane
crashing into it. something. thinking about me in the car,
headin for the water. dying.
destroy the bridges

i walk across the brooklyn bridge and i think, what would i
do?? i would jump into the water. swim down and out. maybe
ill like.

im gonna be around times square on new years. some girl
isnt coming with us anymore because her dad is some kinda
government guy and says something might happen this year in
times square. is this a good reason, or a bad reason to
stay home? if its really bad, doesnt matter if you stay
home does it. itll get to you anyway.

the next day i fly out to italy. am i scared? why now? and
not before?

i take the train and i think, am i inhaling poison fumes?

i eat a steak sandwhich and i think. should i not be eating
this? should i know more about this mad cow stuff?

after that article in the daily news about germs on the
subway i dont want to touch anything, anything at all. my
cell phone, my keys , are probably covered in crap arent

i think, why did they write that article? to makeus
paranoid? as a way to get the cleaning crews to keep their

what the fuck is with the media?

why was there no coverage of that earthquake in iran? it
killed 20, 000 people. 20,000. one earthquake. its
unimaginable. it was on page15. the cover was some crap
about some celebrity. are we not supposed to care about
20,000 people in iran? i guess not. that number is
staggering. what that number represents is almost

i think about how cheryls sister went to isreal for 6
months even tho all tha shit is going on there. suicide
bombs. people still move there. people stay there. you have
to live.

what if that started happening here? i take public
transportation everday, i move around alot, would i stay? i
think so. where else is there to go.

i love it here. astoria, queens, nyc....

i think paranoid. i think, that mad cow didnt come from
canada. we are just blaming canada. we cant lose all that
beef money. just like how they tried to blame the blackout
on canada. just like in south park "blame canada... they;re
not even a real country anyway" hahahah. funny. but also

i dont understand the world sometimes.