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2003-12-28 07:43:39 (UTC)

self help club

Homes101821: it is all part of my 34 1/2 step self help
plan step one give some advice step two share a funny
tidbit of information

XCrunner1342: LOL

Homes101821: ya as long as u stay with me i know i can
lead u through the 32 1/2 steps u have left to make a
complete transition

XCrunner1342: lol thanks

Homes101821: u know i am just here to help i do what i can
but i am just one person trying to make a differance in
10s of people and by golly i think i just might acheve
that goal if u count my friends thats like 5 people i can
nail with this plan i just have to find like 15 more and i
achieved my goal

XCrunner1342: wow, u r sooo cool

Homes101821: well what can i do i was born like that

XCrunner1342: haha

Homes101821: um i am serious it is not a laughing matter i
was born being the shit

XCrunner1342: omg, i had no idea, i thought u had to
develop ur perfect, awesome talents
Homes101821: no i developed them in the womb i was just
that smart of baby and that cool of one

XCrunner1342: wow, ur my hero

Homes101821: ya join the club there is like me and u if u

XCrunner1342: i'm in

Homes101821: nice u can be the prez cuz between u and me
the other girl is incompatant

XCrunner1342: lol

Homes101821: i call vice

XCrunner1342: fine...

XCrunner1342: what the name?

Homes101821: um super de duper homes hero culb of carlie
she is the coolest and has alyaws been or sddhhcositcahab

XCrunner1342: LOL NICE

Homes101821: i know i just made that up to u would think
so the way it flows and the acrnym works so well

XCrunner1342: yeah

Homes101821: our catch phrase is stop look and eat

XCrunner1342: omg i love it

Homes101821: i know

Homes101821: i just made that up to

XCrunner1342: wow, ur amazing

Homes101821: ya duh ok so what is ur official name as prez

XCrunner1342: jk

Homes101821: what

XCrunner1342: that my official name as prez

Homes101821: i know what is my vice name

XCrunner1342: homes?

Homes101821: that is my last name

Homes101821: what homes

and that was the end of the beginning of my self help plan

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