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2003-12-28 07:13:23 (UTC)

My Friend

I`ve got a friend whom anyone can be proud of
We`ve been together for quite a long time, long time
We`ve shared every moment of it with real joy in our heart.

Come to think of it, I`ve know everything about her
In return, I`ve shared all my secrets too
My crushes, our favorite as well as our enemy
That`s how intimate our friendship is.

Sometimes I wonder how she can manage to smile
When everything about my attitude is a total mess
And for that I thank her a lot
She`s been a real good friend to me.

Shes too is so moody
Sometimes I would hurt her through my words and deeds
Yet we don`t let such anger lasts for a day
I can`t afford letting her go.

She`s so ambitious and full of dreams
I`m so adventurous and full of fantasies
Others say our friendship is unique
Yet I can say we`re both unique.

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