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2003-12-28 06:36:12 (UTC)

My Mom

She`s smart, intellegent and adventurous,
Im weak, average and lonesome
Some would say we`re totally different
Yet i can say im proud of her.

She used to take care of me when I was a kid
Now I`ve grown up, I miss such tenderness
I guess she thought I`m too old for that
Yet she doesn`t know how I`m longing for it.

Sometimes argument would come between us
She would not spank me anymore but then,
She would say her very long motherly advice
Sometimes I admit I dont mind listening.

Now that I`m so far from her
How i wish i could see her smile
I can`t imagine myself crying everyday
Just to overcome my loneliness.

My friends used to tell me she`s nice,
How foolish I am I can`t say such words to her
If and only If I could tell her now
MOM, I love you.

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