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2003-12-28 06:03:31 (UTC)

To the World`s Greatest Father

Since Childhood I`ve been his favorite
He would tell me children stories and poems
He would kiss me and hug me so tight
Definitely, he`s the world`s greatest father.

He used to be far from us every now and then
Separated by the sea for quite a long time
News about him coming home gives us joy
Seeing him at the airport makes me cry.

He used to tell his ambitions for me
He wanted me to be a successful doctor
Yet i told him I want to be a Policeman someday
He just would say,"`ll pray for you, my son".

Sometimes we really aren`t sure about our luck
The last time I talked to him was over the phone
He told me he`s leaving for France soon
I can`t help myself but to cry.

He comforted me and told me not to cry
One thing is sure we`ll see each other soon
Now that he`s gone I`m still helplessly waiting for that
For him to see he`s favorite son is now a MAN.

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