Why i'm being shallow?
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2003-12-28 04:57:42 (UTC)

Why i'm being shallow?

Why i'm being shallow? Well when i was small and during my
high school years, i was always being bullied because of my
apperance. I was the ugly one and the skeleton(i was thin
then). When i had a crush with someone i had to keep it all
by myself without giving myself a chance to get to tell the
person that i like her or so whatever. I was so shy and
terrified that she compliment about my appearance. I do not
have many girl friends becuase i know they wont like me
being around them. After my high school years, i was into
internet chatting. It gives me the chance to get to know
the person without having the person to look at me. Guess
what? after months of chatting finally there's someone who
i thought accepted me. We went out together and became
close. But it didnt last long. So still i had this feeling
that a person find me ugly. When i entered college, things
were different then, my body had grown and with muscular
type because i've been drinking supplement and going gym.I
do not have like a narrow face anymore and getting taller.
The girls in the college kept looking at me and giving
smile and guess what? on my third day of college a girl
came up to me and told me that her friend wanted to get to
know me. I was like so shocked. But i was busy then so i
dont really like wanted to know any girls. But during my
2nd year i saw this lovely gal, everytime i saw her, i
smiled and she smiled back too. I got to know her when i
was playing internet chatting. When i was chatting, i got a
private message from someone in the net. i was shocked it
was her and she told me she's been wanting to get to know
me. We became close for a long time but then it didnt work
out because i think my ego had started causing the
relationship to tremble down. Now i was like looking for
good looking girls and turn down other gals. i felt bad
because i know how the ugly girls felt but i just cant seem
to turn off my ego shallow thing. I do not know if it was
just something to pay back my high school years pain..

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