It smells like poop over here
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2003-12-28 04:05:31 (UTC)

police are on the scene, you know what i mean?

.......a few lines later and if rhymes were a drug you
know i'd sell it by the gram." i figured i haven't heard
vanilla ice in such a long time, it's time to give him
props once again.
im sick right now. everyone is home for the holidays
and i've been sick for like a week. i've got to chill with
nick and rich a few times though. dave, kate, and laura
stopped by on christmas. that's the only time i've seen
em. laura's been sick, dave was working the night shift at
the beer warehouse and i dunno about kate. course i've
been workin a lot too.
for a while me and lauren have been doing good, but
now i think we're in another slump. i dunno if it's just
because im sick so everything is annoying or what. it's
only been for the past few days. i hope this ends soon.
it's like, i get annoyed with her, but i don't want to
lose her. whenever i think of breaking up with her, i know
i don't want to, and i get a weird pressure in my chest
that i dont like. i wish i could say something about it,
but i got nothing in my mind.

i gotta go, i can't think. wish i could.


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