the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-28 02:48:08 (UTC)


ive been discussing russians today:
AMES IS your GOD: im going to nyc tuesday yaay
xhelloximxdeadx: lucky u
xhelloximxdeadx: what r u doin there?
AMES IS your GOD: nothing just being there
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: u smell like lasgana
AMES IS your GOD: probably shop maybe go to a play
AMES IS your GOD: its my new perfume
AMES IS your GOD: do you like it?
xhelloximxdeadx: oooo what play?
xhelloximxdeadx: its beaitful
AMES IS your GOD: its in russian i dunno how to spell or
pronounce it
xhelloximxdeadx: russian?
AMES IS your GOD: its a russian play
AMES IS your GOD: the titles in russianm
xhelloximxdeadx: RUSSIAN?
AMES IS your GOD: you lesbian
xhelloximxdeadx: im not asahmed of my sexual prefrences
AMES IS your GOD: hehe good
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah
AMES IS your GOD: neither are my horses and i
xhelloximxdeadx: why russian though?
AMES IS your GOD: it looks like a good play
AMES IS your GOD: it just happens to be russian
xhelloximxdeadx: RUSSIAN!!!
xhelloximxdeadx: wtf does russain have to do with a play?
AMES IS your GOD: i dunno it just originated in russia!
AMES IS your GOD: like fiddler on the roof did
xhelloximxdeadx: fiddler on the roof is russain?
xhelloximxdeadx: OMFG
AMES IS your GOD: i think
AMES IS your GOD: or swedish
xhelloximxdeadx: oh so now ur seeing a swedish play?
AMES IS your GOD: no its still russian
xhelloximxdeadx: oh ok
xhelloximxdeadx: russians rule dude
xhelloximxdeadx: but im still wondering why RUSSIAN?
AMES IS your GOD: i dont KNOW why it just IS
AMES IS your GOD: whys your hair brown?
xhelloximxdeadx: because i dipped it in a russian
AMES IS your GOD: lolol
AMES IS your GOD: i think youre just full of shit and its
coming out of your head
xhelloximxdeadx: then godamn russians stoled the moon
xhelloximxdeadx: sorry shit come out of my ass not my head
AMES IS your GOD: maybe
xhelloximxdeadx: ha!
xhelloximxdeadx: but why the fuck is the play russian?
xhelloximxdeadx: kool russian!
xhelloximxdeadx: i love russians they rock my sox
xhelloximxdeadx: this russian play is gonna be hott diggety
xhelloximxdeadx: them russians know how to put on a show
AMES IS your GOD: they sure do
xhelloximxdeadx: u know what
xhelloximxdeadx: DUDE!
xhelloximxdeadx: vodka
xhelloximxdeadx: its fucking russian!
xhelloximxdeadx: I LOVE RUSSIANS!
AMES IS your GOD: arer you drunk?
xhelloximxdeadx: im not sure.....
AMES IS your GOD: dorkface
xhelloximxdeadx: condom head
xhelloximxdeadx: russian play *still pondering this though*
xhelloximxdeadx: thought*
AMES IS your GOD: let it go diana
AMES IS your GOD: it has passed with the wind
xhelloximxdeadx: i just dont get how a play could be russian
xhelloximxdeadx: dude
AMES IS your GOD: les miserable is french
xhelloximxdeadx: ur mom is french and i didnt say ne thing
about that
AMES IS your GOD: no my dad is french
xhelloximxdeadx: french plays i understand but russian no
xhelloximxdeadx: russian plays what has this world come to?
AMES IS your GOD: brb
xhelloximxdeadx: ok u go ill ponder russian plays.........
xhelloximxdeadx: 78. Russian - Ya lublu Good Charlotte
xhelloximxdeadx: fuck russian love good charlotte
xhelloximxdeadx: uh oh
xhelloximxdeadx: GC will prolly be in that play
xhelloximxdeadx: I knew it was bad
xhelloximxdeadx: AHHHHHHHHHHH save us from the russians!!!!!
AMES IS your GOD: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: HA! fiddler on the roof is not russian!:-P
AMES IS your GOD: what si ti then?
xhelloximxdeadx: its jewish
AMES IS your GOD: oh
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah
xhelloximxdeadx: you'll have to tell me about this supposed
russian play when u get back ill be EXTREMLY anxious to
hear about it
AMES IS your GOD: lol ok
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: and if theres vodak hok me up ok
xhelloximxdeadx: vodka*
AMES IS your GOD: okie
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: your such a great pal
AMES IS your GOD: i know it
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah
xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
AMES IS your GOD: no
xhelloximxdeadx: are u sure?
AMES IS your GOD: positive
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: i am not russian either
AMES IS your GOD: ok

xhelloximxdeadx: r u russian?
matt piatak: no not that i kno about y
xhelloximxdeadx: just asking............
matt piatak: ok
matt piatak: do i seem russian
xhelloximxdeadx: no.........
matt piatak: ooo
matt piatak: i am irish:-D
xhelloximxdeadx: good 4 u i really dont care
matt piatak: that hurt
xhelloximxdeadx: lol

xhelloximxdeadx: THE RUSSIAN STOLE THE MOON!
OperaticBellagio: What else is new--they steal everything
OperaticBellagio: Oh wait--that's us..nevermind
xhelloximxdeadx: can plays be russian?
OperaticBellagio: what kind of plays
xhelloximxdeadx: plays.....
OperaticBellagio: Yeah--I s'pose so
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmmm?
xhelloximxdeadx: so one told me fiddler on the roof is
ruissain u ever seen it?
OperaticBellagio: Fiddler on the Roof is NOT russian
OperaticBellagio: Fiddler on the Roof is about a Jewish
xhelloximxdeadx: ok w/e
xhelloximxdeadx: have u seen it
OperaticBellagio: Yes..and I've been in it
xhelloximxdeadx: is there vodka in it?
OperaticBellagio: not that I can recall
xhelloximxdeadx: dammit its not russian
xhelloximxdeadx: im ver depressed now
OperaticBellagio: Oh--I'm sorry
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah
OperaticBellagio: Meanwhile--what'd ya do today
xhelloximxdeadx: worked
OperaticBellagio: how were the little "angels" at the
martime aquarium?
xhelloximxdeadx: *gives mean look that says shutup or i'll
punch you*
OperaticBellagio: That fun
xhelloximxdeadx: *punches you*
OperaticBellagio: ::slowly reacts::
xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
OperaticBellagio: Nope..full British
xhelloximxdeadx: are u sure?
OperaticBellagio: Positive...does my last name sound
Russian to you?
xhelloximxdeadx: no.......
OperaticBellagio: My name is completly Europeon, you'd have
to be Edith from "All In The Family" not to get it
xhelloximxdeadx: just asking..........
xhelloximxdeadx: w/e
OperaticBellagio: oki...what is your obsession with
RUssian's all of a sudden
xhelloximxdeadx: oh i dont know
OperaticBellagio: is this one of your random boredum things
and your mother is driving you insane that you are picking
these topics out of your behind.
xhelloximxdeadx: no........

xhelloximxdeadx:r u russian?
dreadheadgoddess: um no di im not?
dreadheadgoddess: why do u ask?
xhelloximxdeadx: idk
dreadheadgoddess: ok di w/e
dreadheadgoddess: u scare me....
xhelloximxdeadx: thanks dar
dreadheadgoddess: welcome

xhelloximxdeadx: r u russian?
oty 152002: um no im italian and swedish
xhelloximxdeadx: oh why arent u russian?
oty 152002: beacuse i dont have any russian genes in my
xhelloximxdeadx: oh ok
oty 152002: r u russian?
oty 152002: oh ok

xhelloximxdeadx: hey nikki are u russian?
mdma angel420: i am actually
xhelloximxdeadx: OMG!
mdma angel420: is this a problem?
xhelloximxdeadx: no! im excited i have a russian friend...
mdma angel420: are u drunk?
xhelloximxdeadx: ur the 3rd person to ask me that tonight
mdma angel420: wonder why? so are you?
xhelloximxdeadx: no
mdma angel420: liar

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
thursday9022: yeah 75% represent!
xhelloximxdeadx: HOLY SHIT!
thursday9022: yeah!
xhelloximxdeadx:wow my boyfriend's a russian!
thursday9022: fuck yeah he is
xhelloximxdeadx: can u get me free vodka?
thursday9022:anything for u
xhelloximxdeadx: YES ILU!
thursday9022: wait di i cant get free u free vodka sorry
xhelloximxdeadx: fuck u its over
thursday9022: hahaha
thursday9022: di are u drunk?
xhelloximxdeadx: NO!
thursday9022: sure u keep telling that to yourself di
xhelloximxdeadx: ok i will
thursday9022: k i gotta go ill ttyl luv ya baby
xhelloximxdeadx: bue i love u 2
Auto response from thursday9022:i cant drive to see my GF
diana so im laying in my bed thinking about her.....with no
clothes on....
xhelloximxdeadx: wow i feel special and just a little bit
grossed out.......

xhelloximxdeadx: hello jeremy are u russian?
liljayplaya16: whay are u Iming me?
xhelloximxdeadx: to ask if ur russian
liljayplaya16: no im not BYE NOW

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
SmarterChild: Let's see... Am I russian, am I russian...
You know, I'm not too sure.
xhelloximxdeadx: how can u not be sure if ur russian or not?
SmarterChild: How can I not be sure if I'm Russian Or not?
How do you think?
xhelloximxdeadx: i think ur russian
SmarterChild: You think I'm russian? Think again.
xhelloximxdeadx: so ur not russian?
SmarterChild: Very interesting question, Diana. What do you
think is the answer?
xhelloximxdeadx: i think ur russian
SmarterChild: You think I'm russian? No way. I don't think
I'm russian...
xhelloximxdeadx: so then ur not
SmarterChild: I'm intrigued that you think I'm not.
xhelloximxdeadx: you think that your not dumbass
SmarterChild: Aw c'mon.
xhelloximxdeadx: come where
SmarterChild: Come where! Funny.
xhelloximxdeadx: u scare me
SmarterChild: Scare you? You think I scare you?
xhelloximxdeadx: yes
SmarterChild: Hmmm...
xhelloximxdeadx: so once and for all are u or are u not
SmarterChild: So once and for all are me not russian, huh?
xhelloximxdeadx: ok w/e
SmarterChild: Yes right, whatever.

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
AngelBat87: yes
AngelBat87: and a vampire ...
AngelBat87: y?
xhelloximxdeadx: ur russian!
AngelBat87: lol i guess so
AngelBat87: id like to think so
AngelBat87: a russian ballerina
xhelloximxdeadx: sure w/e
AngelBat87: lol i am
AngelBat87: or i wish i was
AngelBat87: idk if theres a difference
xhelloximxdeadx: why do u wish u were russian?
AngelBat87: cuz i love the russian language
AngelBat87: its soo pretty
xhelloximxdeadx: ohhhhhhh
AngelBat87: lol yea
xhelloximxdeadx: did u know that thyre are russian plays?
AngelBat87: yup
AngelBat87: y
AngelBat87: oo nicoles goin to one
AngelBat87: right??
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah!
AngelBat87: lol im psychic
AngelBat87: so yd u ask if i was russian
xhelloximxdeadx: no reason...........
AngelBat87: sure

xhelloximxdeadx: r u russian?
BabyIsa87: no im italian
BabyIsa87: yyyy
xhelloximxdeadx: so ur not russian
BabyIsa87: nope
xhelloximxdeadx: oh ok
BabyIsa87: why
xhelloximxdeadx: no reason
BabyIsa87: ok

xhelloximxdeadx: r u russian?
ootmonkey888: yes
xhelloximxdeadx: really?!?
ootmonkey888: yes. my family originates in Moscow
ootmonkey888: BABUSHKA!
xhelloximxdeadx: HOLY SHIT!
ootmonkey888: we eat russian tea cakes
xhelloximxdeadx: thos are fucking good
ootmonkey888: and watch Dr. Zhivago all day
ootmonkey888: RUSSIAN
ootmonkey888: and i no how to russina dance as well
ootmonkey888: its a rich culture
ootmonkey888: o hi diana!!!!!
ootmonkey888: wassup
ootmonkey888: that was my best friend
xhelloximxdeadx: .................
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
ootmonkey888: we thpought u were someone else
xhelloximxdeadx: oh
xhelloximxdeadx: lol
ootmonkey888: lol
ootmonkey888: sooo wud u do today
xhelloximxdeadx: nothing
ootmonkey888: kewl
xhelloximxdeadx: yes
xhelloximxdeadx: so is ur friend russian?
xhelloximxdeadx: or are u russian?
ootmonkey888: no shes irish
xhelloximxdeadx: whos the russian?
ootmonkey888: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: is any1 russian?
ootmonkey888: nope sry to dissappoint
xhelloximxdeadx: thats ok
ootmonkey888: okedoke
xhelloximxdeadx: do u know any1 whos russian?
ootmonkey888: um, i dont think so
xhelloximxdeadx: oh
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
ootmonkey888: do uuu?
xhelloximxdeadx: yes my BF is russian
ootmonkey888: ooooooooo kewl
xhelloximxdeadx: he says whos going to get me free vodka
ootmonkey888: david?
xhelloximxdeadx: yup
ootmonkey888: lololol
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah
ootmonkey888: mm vodak
ootmonkey888: i mean vodka
xhelloximxdeadx: lol
ootmonkey888: har har vodak
xhelloximxdeadx: i spelled it that way to today OMG!

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
VaVaVirgil: this is vavavirgil
i'm not sure...
xhelloximxdeadx: are u from russia?
VaVaVirgil: i dunno... am i from russia?
xhelloximxdeadx: i dunno
VaVaVirgil: u dunno huh?
xhelloximxdeadx: nope do u?
VaVaVirgil: no problem. what else do u want 2 talk about?
xhelloximxdeadx: russians
VaVaVirgil: what about russians?
xhelloximxdeadx: are u 1?
VaVaVirgil: that's crazy... who knows?
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
VaVaVirgil: k
xhelloximxdeadx: you know russian tend to smoke alot
VaVaVirgil: i'm a robot. i don't smoke.
xhelloximxdeadx: i know
VaVaVirgil: well alright!
how would u convince your friend 2 quit smoking?
xhelloximxdeadx: dk
VaVaVirgil: uh... what?
xhelloximxdeadx: nvm
VaVaVirgil: no? ok. if there's anything i can help u with,
please let me know.
xhelloximxdeadx: but seriously those russians smoke an
awful lot
VaVaVirgil: i think smoking is bad news. what do u think?
xhelloximxdeadx: i guess
VaVaVirgil: uh huh.
xhelloximxdeadx: do u wanna help me stop russians from
VaVaVirgil: good question. i really dunno!
xhelloximxdeadx: ok w/e
VaVaVirgil: ok what? :-
xhelloximxdeadx: bye!
VaVaVirgil: ok. later, xhiximxdeadx.

xhelloximxdeadx:are u russian?
EtNiEsGrRl06: no dont think so
xhelloximxdeadx: oh
EtNiEsGrRl: why?
xhelloximxdeadx: just wondering
EtNiEsGrRl: ok w/e

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
sleepinbeautie59: r u lesbian?
xhelloximxdeadx: no
xhelloximxdeadx: r u russian?
sleepinbeautie59: im not russian
xhelloximxdeadx: oh ok
sleepinbeautie59: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
Teh Frankness: no.
Teh Frankness: why would u think that
xhelloximxdeadx: im just asking
Teh Frankness: my last name is OLIVA
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: so
Teh Frankness: so thats italian
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
Teh Frankness: ***********sicilian
xhelloximxdeadx: just because ur last name isn't russian
doesnt mean u aren't russian
Teh Frankness: well u shut up
xhelloximxdeadx: ok!

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
O xDyiNg DaY o X: no
xhelloximxdeadx: oh ok
xhelloximxdeadx: are u sure?????
O xDyiNg DaY o X: idk maybe?
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmmmmm?
xhelloximxdeadx: well w/e
O xDyiNg DaY o X: lalala
xhelloximxdeadx: that sounded russian
O xDyiNg DaY o X: shweet
xhelloximxdeadx: lol

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
Austin Powers: Difficult for me to say.
xhelloximxdeadx: why is that?
Austin Powers: That's just the way it is. Sorry I don't
have a better explanation than that.
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
Austin Powers: K.
xhelloximxdeadx: are u from russia?
Austin Powers: I'm not certain.
xhelloximxdeadx: well if u are your russian?
Austin Powers: I really have no idea...
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
Austin Powers: Indeed.

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
JAShutts1085: no
xhelloximxdeadx:oh ok
JAShutts: ok....
JAShutts: are u drunk?
xhelloximxdeadx: NO!

xhelloximxdeadx: so r u russian?
Firestorm X234: no
xhelloximxdeadx: oh
xhelloximxdeadx: r u sure?
Firestorm X234: yeah, why?
xhelloximxdeadx: just asking..........
Firestorm X234: uh-huh...

xhelloximxdeadx: r u russian?
Lizs sn rules: do you want me to be?
xhelloximxdeadx: no im just asking if you are
Lizs sn rules: lol ok, not that i know of
xhelloximxdeadx: oh
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
Lizs sn rules: that was random
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah....

xhelloximxdeadx: so are u russian?
Rag Doll 8705: nope, u
xhelloximxdeadx: no
Rag Doll 8705: that was random
Rag Doll 8705: i now have the urge to ask u if ur
refrideadator is running
xhelloximxdeadx: it is
Rag Doll 8705: (i am a dork so can i tell u to go catch it?)
xhelloximxdeadx: hahaha
Rag Doll 8705: lol

xhelloximxdeadx: ok are u russian?
TheHebrewHammers: nope
xhelloximxdeadx: r u sure?
TheHebrewHammers: last time i checked
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
TheHebrewHammers: y
xhelloximxdeadx: just asking
TheHebrewHammers: ok
TheHebrewHammers: i bet you are russian
xhelloximxdeadx: im not
TheHebrewHammers: yes you are
xhelloximxdeadx: no im not
TheHebrewHammers: then you lied to matt
TheHebrewHammers: your boyfriend is russain too
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah.....
xhelloximxdeadx: who the fuck are u??????
TheHebrewHammers: i am special
TheHebrewHammers: but i cant tell
xhelloximxdeadx: fuck u
TheHebrewHammers: no
TheHebrewHammers: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah

xhelloximxdeadx: r u russian?
phoenixashes1421: fin u?
phoenixashes1421: sorry rong im
phoenixashes1421: and no y/
phoenixashes1421: *?
xhelloximxdeadx: just asking lol
phoenixashes1421: random question
phoenixashes1421: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: its a looooooooong story
phoenixashes1421: hehe
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
DraGoN91887: nope
xhelloximxdeadx: oh
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
DraGoN91887: why?
xhelloximxdeadx: just asking.....
DraGoN91887: lol
DraGoN91887: are you Russian?
xhelloximxdeadx: no
DraGoN91887: lol okay
xhelloximxdeadx: k

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
xcrossxthexfire7: mmmm i dont think so
xhelloximxdeadx: oh ok
xcrossxthexfire7: y
xhelloximxdeadx: just asking...

xhelloximxdeadx: are u russian?
Wolfe at theDoor signed off at 11:57:31 AM.
Wolfe at theDoor signed on at 11:57:43 AM.
Wolfe at theDoor: no...
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: just asking....
Wolfe at theDoor: allright..
xhelloximxdeadx: k

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