Nick's Journal
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2003-12-28 02:40:29 (UTC)

Great Taste Buffet

man i love all you can eat, i'm definetly the reason that
this idea was conceived. you see i love eating
(preferably a lot at one sitting), and i really never want
it to end. so i went to the great taste buffet with my
bro tonight and let me tell you it sucked harder than a
black guy in an alley trying to get some money for his
crack addiction. i don't know what it is about asians but
it seems like every single emotion has been drained out of
them and the greed for more and more money has been pumped
into them. i mean shit they are callous, stupid, and
obsessed with money, sorta like germans, just better with
numbers. and why in god's christing name are they STILL
not able to speak e ze english? sweet shit, there are two
reasons. one, you were born here and were locked in your
asian basement till you were let out to work at this
restaurant, or you and hung chon day just caught the last
plane from saigon to give me my fucking coke.
personally i think i could have urinated in their faces
and committed numerous felonies without getting into
trouble. cos what are they going to do? call the cops?
they'd all be on the first rickety boat back to vietnam so
fast it'd make bruce lee spin in his grave.
now let's go over how much i enjoy karaoke (know this is
not in relation to the asian buffet). i went to a bar
last night and every white trash wishful was on stage
bawling her fat heart out to the tune of, "my dog left me
and i beat my wife atleast once a day". not only that but
apparently the soul sister club was there last night and
we had ruben struthers and clay aiken (a black version)
going ape faggot on this most "karaoke" like songs
possible (you know the ones i mean, the shit you
automatically recognize and kinda like on the radio but
you'd never play yourself). and damn were they
enthusiasm, how about you enthuse your ass off the stage
and eat some chips at home?
and of course my track record of new electronic things
that i buy continues, as the shit fucked up again. it
doesn't matter what it is, it ultimatelly turns out that i
have to return it cos it fucks up. so now i have to drag
my ass back to the dead beats working at circuit city and
fight for an exchange. and i know how it's going to go
(cos my dad volunteered to "help"). it'll go like this.
me : hi, i'd like to return this it's fucked up
dead beat : ok, well do you have a receipt?
my dad : receipt? i'll give you a receipt!!!!
then 3 ambulances later i'm fighting the god damn serpent
king of circuit city to the death for the right to
exchange the fucked up product.
so anyways i guess i shoudl get some sleep now.