My Diary
2003-12-27 20:38:06 (UTC)

A Good ole Saturday!!

Well..last night I slept at Quinns with him and Jordan
because the rest of my family was at a wedding. They
cooked a Jambalya and we played some washer game and me
and Quinns dad, Shane, KICKED ASS! Then we went inside and
watched Holes and XXX (Triple X) and all during the movie
we kept going downstairs and getting food and getin on the
computer. Then I woke up and now I'm home.

Today I stayed home and cleaned my room and my closet (It
really need a good clean it was wow dirty). Tonight I have
to go babysit for an hour or two while my mommy's friends
go eat out. Then I might be going to Samantha's and if I
do go then we are going to Joseph Michael Caruso's so we
can be with our men.

Then tomorrow I get to see the wonderful Garett and my
little cousins 1st birthday party! WOOHOO Me and Garett
and a bunch of little kids!! Yea thats fuckin AWESOME.
Well now I gotta go wash the dishes...I'll write back

I love you!!

Kelsie Ann Broussard

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