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2003-12-27 18:06:36 (UTC)

care bears and friends

My best friend, N, gave me the best present ever for
Christmas. It is a care bear fleece blanket. I have been
wearing it since I opened it and it already needs a wash!!!

N is so special to me. She is the nicest, kindest, sweetest
person and has been through so much shit in her life but
still gives out so much love and help. I am so pleased that
she gave me this pressie cos I can curl up in my blankie
and it is like she is wrapped all around me.

Emma, thanks for your feedback. I don't want to say the
group I am in cos I have said stuff on this diary about
them and I don't really want to mix the two... but there
are other groups that can be good. I am also in
[email protected] and it can be OK, but has
been quiet of late. Join up and we can get it going again.

I'm off to find some more beer.

Am at the farm still, though will go back to my flat
tomorrow cos am seeing my lovely GP on Monday morning.

Love and christmas hugs,

Cat x

"Looking back, how did I get here? Chasing circles, I never
thought, so near. Shaded by the red, and now I want you."