eirun's story
2003-12-27 15:42:20 (UTC)


this was what i wrote on 23rd Dec..bout Ani..
im not sure i feel the same anymore, see?
anyway.. happy strolling back down memo lane

Anakin did excersises wif me. Ani is comfy to be wif.
Ani's funny n yet ill just have to be meself wif ani. Ani
asked on the phone " you called" n i lose control. Ani is
very shallow, yes but i prefer to be wi f ani than,.. who
a smart pal? intelectual buddy? Ani doesnt know. i
mightve thought Ani likes me too, but then maybe ani;s
just playful wif anyone & i jump to conclusions fast.
that;s right. Ani tried to knock me head when im careless.
no one else is this relaxed wif me than Ani. ani stuck a
note on me back when im concentrating on me excercise...
but i didnt mind. i wish i can be friends wif ani. not
just that!
Ani is shallow but i like Ani. But ani wont stay long cos
next week will be our goodbye. But maybe ani's just that
unworthy that im fated to lose contact wif ani. but i
havea weapon...:
Ani's no. Me xms. me want to babbl emore bout ani bcoz
ani;s different.
but im guessing this is another foolish conclusions. so i
must not keep this in my mind too long. but Ani drew me an
ugly flower on a4 paper for me for being such a smart girl
that day. But ani tols me im slow. i think ani is also
happy to be wif. i want to be ani's close fren bcos i feel
so comfortable wif ani. i feel too much. mayb it;s just
one of the feelings again. it will fade somday. unless im
frens agin wid ani. ok i hav chem to read. But ani only
have one shallow principt in excersicec. FORMULA REFERING.
Ani's so lazy n playful. i like playful n lazy Ani. but
this is crazy... frobidden.....im a .. gasp!