eirun's story
2003-12-27 15:14:49 (UTC)

super girl

hullo.. me love writing about me feelings..
but me very insecured when doing so..
me hopes me gets pure privacy in here, yah?
well, last night me tummy was squirming in pain n
uneasiness.. coz of boredom... parents gone.. rina not in
the room .. me was free, see? me thought me might get some
garcons to speak to with freedom.. but no, it just didnt
happin cuz me very sttupid when reaching out for garcons
.. me too shy to suggest, see?
yaaa.. me too shy..
me feel stupid n pathetic...
me wishes me would get a ring from sum garcons, see?
sigh.. me had one last night to depend on but garcon said
e had troublies in doin that...
plus riddy's not around, see?
besides.. riddy's kinda boring to the core..
neway me musnt write too much about this or me would
expose too much, see?