Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-12-27 15:09:15 (UTC)

Oh Christmas Tree

So this christmas really sucked...i kno its not supposed
to be about presents and all but it just really dad bought my sis a snowboard and he kept
bitchin how it was sooo expensive cuz i was gonna get one
too...he was like no more than $300 when we were both
gettin em..then i said no and cheryl got one for $500..and
then he just gives me $500 and tells me to buy stuff for
myself cuz he doesnt kno what i want...everyone was like
oh thats kewl now u got all this money..but i really dont
becasue i spent it all or people helped me spend i
have like $200 left and i need to pay off my credit card
bill :( then my mom got me like these little
things..nuttin big cuz i kno that they are short of money
and all but still..i we went over my aunts
house later and it was wierd cuz i havent seen my cousins
in like forever..we all got along tho..neway my uncle
ronnie came up and i dunno i just have a lot of anger
towards him becasue he used to go to christmas every year
and always "forget" mine my sis and my cuz dannys gifts at
home..he so this year we bought his daughters
jenn and megan "incase" gifts..when we handed the gifts
out and didnt get ne from them we didnt give them
me and cheryl got to keep em...the onlee thing i got was
this letter from my aunt tellin me shes gonna buy me a new
cell phone which is what i really needed...but thats it..i
hate the 18 year rule my family has..its dumb but
whatever..last nite we went to see mona lisa smile wit
maris kim amanda and cindy and was a REALLY
cute movie!...then we met up wit cheryl billy sean and
lisa for food after and then kim amanda cindy and cheryl
came over our house to was a good nite all in out