Erotic Stories
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2003-12-27 05:58:29 (UTC)

The Rules

These are the rules that Gwen Set for Francesca:
1. You are not allowed to talk
2. You are not allowed to wear clothes
3. If you are bad you will be punished. First by spanking,
than by some other thing i will decide.
4. you are do do whatever i tell you, when i tell you to
do it.
5. Until i feel you are ready, you're only food will be my
breast milk. And you can only drink that when i tell you
6. At parties, you are at my side or on a leash.
7. At the dining table, you sit on the floor or on my lap.
8. When i say you are able to talk, you call me mommy or
9. YOu're only form of speech will be moans during sex.
10. I can give you to whoever i choose for the night.
11. You are now my new favorite so you are the only one
with these rules, if you break any of them you will be
punished and i am not kidding.

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