Erotic Stories
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2003-12-27 05:00:23 (UTC)

the preperation

In the room the nurses introduced themselves. One was
Noel. Another was Joelle. The last was Udera. They all
looked the same, brown skin and black hair. Francesca
wondered if they were triplets.
"OK now we're going to prepare you to meet the queen."
Noel explained.
"You must look you're best!" continued Joelle
"The queen is very critcal!" said Udera.
They brought a silver basin into the middle of the room.
Francesca stood up in the tub. Noel motioned to the other
girls that she would do the first part. She knelt in front
of the tub facing francesca. She stroked her pussy and
kissed it.
"It will be even more beautiful when it is clean." She
took a sponge and squeezed it onto francesca's pussy. She
took a special shampoo from next to the tub and began to
wash the pubic hairs. Francesca started to feel pleasure
and embarassment and began to blush. Noel scrubbed in
broad strokes and then washed it down with water. She took
a bottle from Joelle and sparyed the contents on the
blonde hairs. She then took a wash cloth and started to
wipe it off. It took off all the pubic hairs until the
area was hair free. She then pat it dry and put a lotion
on it. Francesca looked down at the hairless mound and
suddenly felt free.
Joelle told francesca to lay down in the tub. She then
proceded to remove her own clothes and get in the tub with
francesca. Francesca had never seen another woman naked
before and she was fascinated. Joelle's breasts were
humungous and bouncy and her pussy was a nest of silky
black hair. She Stradled francesca from the front, the
inside of her cunt touching Francesca's stomach. She slid
her fingers through Francesca's hair and started to wash
it. her breasts were at were at eye level. Francesca
couldn't help but stare as the mounds heaved and moved up
and down. After Joelle was done washing her hair, she
moved her hands to Francesca's breasts and massaged them.
Francesca let out a moan and let her tits be massaged with
circular motions. Joelle pinched her nipples and moved a
hand down to her hairless cunt.
"I have to wash the inside." She stuck a finger inside.
Francesca moaned.
"mmmmmm oooo please push it more." Francesca gasped as
she wrapped her legs around joelle. Joelle pinced her clit
and massaged it. She then inserted another finger and
pushed it deeper.
"You like that don't you? You want to be a clean
little girl. I should test ur indurance." She then pushed
for fingers inside her pussy making it shiver and ride her
"O please it hurts but feels so good. O rub me more!"
Francesca threw her head back. "please don't stop i need
you to clean me more." Joelle played with her pussy,
stroking her clit and fucking her hole until francesca
came in her hand.
"There," finished Joelle "you're done." Joelle got out
of the bath and Udera led francesca out. She dryed her
down with a towel.
"Now we want you to be pretty for the queen right? So
we're going to make you beautiful." She motioned to Noel
to hand her something. She came back with a needle. 'But i
already have my navel peirced..' thought francesca. But
before she could think nemore, Udera peirced her nipples.
Francesca screamed and wailed but Udera finished up and
rubbed some lotion on francesca's breasts that made them
numb. Francesca's Breasts looked beautiful with 2 diamond
studs. She was still in a little pain though the lotion
dulled most of it. Udera then brushed Francesca's hair and
sprayed perfume on her. She rubbed lotion on her buttocks
and on her pussy.
"there, ur ready." And the girls led her to the
meeting hall...