DiNaH says...
2003-12-27 05:00:14 (UTC)

Post-Christmas feeling

so it's done. i'm back at work, still sick. but then,
deadline is deadline so... sacrifice a bit.

i've had a rest at home. although it wasn't really enough,
thank GOD i still had rested my mind and body even if i had
to file sick leave yesterday.

i had time to catch up with friends and family. one of my
cousins is having a prob with her 10 month marriage with a
monster. fuck that asshole! his soul is burning in hell
already. that's if he has any! shit man! if i ever see him
again, i'll punch him straight on his pointed nose, or
chest or kick his penis!

damn the men that ditch their partners like shit! i still
can't understand why men, well i know not all of them, but
still a lot of them, cannot content themselves with only
one partner, after proposing for marriage, then followed
with the wedding...

i want to believe that there are still good guys out there.
i mean, guys that are good to their partners and wannabe
partners or dreamed partners or future partners or...

i don't hate men, and i don't wanna hate them. it's just
that i've seen so many things -- problems in particular --
that rooted from them. of course i want to one day meet
someone i will eventually call loved one, then someday be
hitched -- and last forever.

i want to believe in forever, although life hasn't given me
proof yet.

i started reading a book entitled WHY AM I HEAR FOR? and i
intent to find out why am i really here for.

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