the most uninteresting life ever
2003-12-27 02:48:32 (UTC)

EPISODE ONE: boredom and nintendo

WoW! this is fun.. being bored. And i have nothing to
write about. I was just lookin for somethin to do on the
internet and I found this page. I'm so bored I just got
to level 6 on Mario Brothers 3(on "supernintendo" I'm to
cheap to buy any of the new systems!)I've only played it
for an hour and I'm already up that high, no I didnt use
any whistles.
Whats the point of buying any of the new systems. I'm
perfectly happy with my N64 and supernintendo. I would
still have the orginal crap from like the 70s if my mom
didnt throw it out, because she was tired of lookin at the
ugly thing. I mean everytime I go out to buy a new system
they come out with some new and improved crap that cost 5
times as much. I dont think the nintendo systems are even
worth buying. Oh, and its a BIG rip off (its just too
much money, think of all the money you could save).
Everytime i go to the store the only games I see are for
xBOX, GameCube, and the PS2 (and they are a lot of $$$
too!). You never see any of the games for the older
systems. But if you do you only find them at yardsales,
thrift stores, and pawn shops. And at those places they
are like 5 bucks. So I say that if you want to get a
nintendo system get one of the older models like a N64(its
not that bad) or even a supernintendo. They are cheaper
and so are the games. But the games are still fun!
Another thing I dont get is why buy the games if you are
just gonna use cheat codes... thats just not fun. My
boyfriend just got the vice city game. He's used cheat
codes so now its not even fun anymore. The levels are so
hard that he gets angry with the stupid thing. And the
other night at wallmart he was showin me all the games he
wanted and all the game systems he wanted. He should just
wait until next year. By then they will have like 5 "new
and improved systems" out and all that stuff will be cut
back like 95%!
OH and what happened to nintendo giving you a free game
when you buy one of their systems. I mean when you got
the orginal nintendo they gave you the super mario
brothers 3 game, the duck shoot thingy, and even the gun
that went with it!! And then when I got the Supernintendo
i got a game that had all of the mario games, "Super Mario
All Stars" is what it's called... the game i was playing
earlier. On it it had Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario
Brothers- the lost levels, Super Mario 2, and Super Mario
Bros. 3. And now what do you get when you buy a game
system?? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!
Okay now i cant think of nething else to say about what a
BIG rip-off nintendo is. Like i said before i am
perfectly happy with my older systems!!

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