Erotic Stories
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2003-12-26 21:57:47 (UTC)

the inspection

the man sat up out of the chair and walked toward
francesca who was left alone with the plump girl. He
circled francesca. He stroked her hair
"beautiful hair." he slapped her ass "firm behind." he
cupped her breasts "not big but shapely and beautiful."
Her boa covered her crotch. He parted the feathers. "not
shaved i see...well we'll take care of that." he flicked
her navel ring. "Good work Anita." he turned to the girl.
Anita curtsied. "well ur work here is done." Anita left.
The man snapped his fingers and 3 girls in nurses
outfits came out with a doctors bed. The told francesca to
sit on the end. One girl checked her mouth with a tongue
depresser. the other checked her breathing. The man told
her to stand up so they could weigh her. She was the
perfect weight. he told her to bend over and touch her
ankles. She did it. He told her to do a split. She did it.
Then he told her to go on all fours on the doctor's bed.
He put on rubber gloves. He inserted a finger into her
pussy. She gasped. He inserted a second finger. Then a
third. then a fourth. Francesca started to writhe and moan
in pain. It was too much for the virgin cunt. He pulled
his fingers out. "V Endurance 4." THe nurse wrote it down.
He Spread her ass cheeks. He inserted a finger into her
anus. Then a second, then a third, then a forth, then a
fifth. Francesca yelped and tears welled up in her eyes.
He did not removed his fingers. She quaked and arched her
back and sobbed. He pulled his fingers out. "A Indurance
5." The nurse wrote it down.
"Now Francesca, I'm going to take ur temperature." the
man said soothingly. Francesca opened her mouth. The man
laughed. He opened a drawer and took a thermometer about
as thick an average candle out. He inserted it into her
anus all the way. SHe let out a cry. She started to pant
and moan the girls stroked her face and told her to be
good. She clenched her cheecks around the apparatus and
tried to get used to it. After 3 minutes, the man pulled
it out. "Temperature none." a nurse wrote it down. She pat
her buttocks and said "U've been good. You're all done
now." The girls led her to a red cushioned room...

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