2003-12-26 21:55:33 (UTC)

So haha...

I have read 203 pages yesterday from the Count of Monte
Cristo. So I'm on page 206 now. Yeay, super. Damn that
kinda sounded gay now that I think of it. One way or
another, I'm very glad I did three days worth of reading.
I'm on time, and the book goes quite snappy too. 60 pages
is like 2 hours worth of reading. So it's all good. Today I
should stop reading, all though the book is so freaking
interesting and it will get much better once I get to page
300 or so where he gets with the smugglers. Cause that is
the stuff that is never seen in the movies.

Karoline called me tonight and said that there's some new
club, and do I wanna go. I don't know just yet. But I don't
really wanna waste money. I got a 30 dollar wireless bill
to pay in two days, and got no money. I still owe Christina
and Tim dinner, along with 5 bucks to Tim. So I was
thinking of maybe taking them out to heck I don't know,
steak and shake, and getting tim a steak. I know how much
he likes meat. Haha.
I doubt I'm gonna go, even if this thing does work out, but
what the hell am I gonna do tonight? This internet thing is
still being kinda screwy.