My Diary
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2003-12-26 21:44:53 (UTC)

Yea Yea!

Last night I decided I was going to sleep late..and I
definatly slept late...I didn't wake up till 11:30. When I
woke up I went to quinns..and then Me him and Jordan went
ride fourhwheelers..then I came back here and got on for a
little while. Then Me and Matt (My sisters boyfriend) went
and rode fourhwheelers (he rode his and I rode quinns.
Then jordan and quinn came back and we all went ride. We
made this one massive trail and I got thorns in me. (that
hurt :-) Then I came back home..and now I'm talking to
Austin and looking for me some food..we don't have any and
I'm getin really pissed and I'm about to hit my sister
because she threw my food away!!!!

Later on tonight my mother and rest of my family are going
to a wedding..and I'm staying home because I'm not in the
mood to go to a wedding and plus I don't know the people
anyway. I'd rather stay home and watch TV.

Kelsie Broussard



P.S- Heather came back from Disney world and I feel like I
haven't talked to her in ages. So I had to catch her up on
all of the lastest scoop...I LOVE YOU HEATHER!

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