Erotic Stories
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2003-12-26 21:32:51 (UTC)

Part One- Introductions: Chapter one-The decree

Francesca was 16. She was petite with strawberry blonde
hair up to her chin which was very curly. She has freckles
lining her cheekbones and nose. She had a figure that most
girls envy. Her stomach had washboard abs that you could
eat off of, her breasts were not very big but soft and
shapely; you just wanted to squeeze and caress them. Her
nipples were small and pink and became erect easily. Her
legs were long and let up to an ass so firm, tight and
virginal that you couldn't help but stare. her crotch was
small with dark blonde hair and not yet penetrated. Her
eyes were peircing blue and her lips were soft, supple,
and glossy pink. Her skin was alabaster white and marble
smooth. She didn't have a scar or imprefect on her body.
Which is proper for a daughter of nobility.
she lived in a huge mansion in the country side and
had very little contact with others her age. She liked to
work in the barn with the stable hands. Everything was
perfect for her until one day her father came to her.
"daughter," he said "its not easy for me to tell you
this. But we just recieved a decree from the queen. As you
know, i got into a squable with a local man about a year
ago and it turns out he was the prince. As payment for my
wretchedness to royalty, i must give you to the queen as a
present. Francesca, i am deepy, deeply sorry and i hope
one day you can forgive me." But Her father didn't have
time to say goodbye because a squad of men burst through
the door and carred francesca away. She didn't kick or
scream or object, she knew it would be to no avail.

They didn't take her to the queen right away. They took
her to a cottage with young women bustling about.
A young plump but pretty girl approached her.
"O shes lovely!" she exclaimed to the men "Queen Gwen
will be very pleased. Well, lets ger her ready!"
The girl grabbed her arm and whisked her toward platform
in the center of the room. She began to untie and unbutton
her clothes. Francesca gasped.
"now now," said the girl "you best be getting used to
people undressin' ya."
The dress fell from her perfect body. 2 girls went to work
on trimming her pubic hair. Another girl rubbed lotion on
her bottucks and massaged it in. The plump girl sponged
water on her stomach, crotch, and breasts. Francesca was
feeling quite self concious and afraid. A girl held a
bowel of red and gold glitter. She began to sprinkle it on
francesca's pubic hair and quaf it in. Another girl held 2
rubys shaped like hearts. She spread a goo on the back and
placed them on Francesca's nipples. They stuck.
"now this is going to hurt." Said the plump girl
holding up a needle. She proceded to peirce francesca's
belly button. And yes, ti did hurt. Francesca began to
weep and another girl calmed her down. her navel was now
radiant with a ruby ring. They placed a pink feather boa
over her shoulders. One of the women painted her eye lids
pink and her lips red. Francesca looked at herself in the
mirror. She was afraid of what was to come.

The carriage pulled up to the doors of the sparkling white
palace. Francesca was led to a huge white room with a man
in a chair.