Nick's Journal
2003-12-26 21:31:34 (UTC)

I probably shouldn't have said "god damn it" considering it's Christmas

so of course being the procrastinator that i am, i had to
buy my dad's x-mas gift on the 24th. oh the pleasures of
wallowing in the frenzy of those that take their duty of
giving as a tertiary duty. people were freaking the fuck
out. all i really wanted were these two books and
stupidly enough i went to the "new" mall to get them at
the barnes and nobles. you see this mall is about 10 mins
away from my house (3 if i'm driving) but it took me 45
mins to get in and out. so there i am puttering around
(literally cos i couldn't move very much with the crowd of
people confining me), trying to find my father's book
request. so i get on the fucking eleveator and this dumb
little brat gets all up on my little toe that i smashed
into this podium when i was uhhhhhh, really stinking
drunk. now i've been keeping that shit protected like a
virgin does her vagina, and this snot-nosed mongrol stomps
on it cos he couldn't watch where he went. so i very
quickly exclaimed, "GOD DAMN IT!" hehe. christmas eve.
i looked up at the sky begging God to not have heard that
slip. you'd think i'd give the man a break on his b-day
but of course i'm too self-centered to even do that. but
i was paid back nicely today.
see on the 26th my family goes to return shit, and if you
know my family returning shit is never the black on white
experience it shoudl be. see my dad wore a skull cap and
aviator glasses, basically he looked like the uni-bomber.
my mother on the other hand wore a mink fur coat to go to
some wholesale stores............
christmas was great though. we just all got drunk and
chilled. nothing dramatic nothign extravagant. right.