2003-12-26 18:11:51 (UTC)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


Christmas Eve Day and think of all the preparations left to do!

I need to give the house a good vaccuming and dusting, bake
pies, start the Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, clean out
the refrigerator in preparation of all the food that'll need
to be added, and wrap gifts. Before going to bed I need to
put out the Christmas tablecloth and set the table for
Christmas morning breakfast.

In the evening John and I went to the 150 year old church in
Shedd (our pastor serves two small rural churches; ours and
this one). The service was singing and reading from the
scriptures along with a trumpet solo by 12 year old Philip
who did quite well playing "Angels We Have Heard on High".
At the end we lit candles in the darkened church and sang
all the verses of "Silent Night". There were 14 of us in
attendence, two from the Shedd church and the rest from ours.

Somehow I mananged to wrench my back (I think it was lifting
that 22 pound turkey in the heavy roasting pan) so I have to
say I didn't enjoy my dinner too much as I was racked with
pain spasms throughout. The boys cleaned up for me and put
all the food away while I went to lie down and take a nap.
We had a quiet day with music and talking. The guys
installed my new printer/scanner and John has told me he'll
be buying me a digital camera during the after Christmas
sales. A practical fellow, my John is.