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2003-12-26 07:18:49 (UTC)

December 25, 2003

Well today was Christmas. I didn't do much really. I woke
up and waited around for my moms Christmas dinner to be
done. There was me, my brother, Kyle, my sister,Amy, my
mom, Tammy and my moms boyfriend, John, and some friends of
the family. MMM it was so good my mom is a good cook. We
had ham, scalloped potatos, and brussel sprouts(yuck). We
didn't open any presents this morning cause we were all to
excited so mom let us open them last night. I had a good
Christmas. I ended up with 185 bucks, new underware, a
sterling silver bracelet with my innital on it, 2 pairs of
pants, an Aerosmith tee-shirt and make up, earrings,
rainbow shoe laces, a shaving kit, and some girly things.
My friend called to wish me a Merry Christmas, and we
decided to go to the movies. We took my little brother and
another friend went with us. I think he is gay, but he
touches me a lot (not sexually) like lots of hugs and back
rubs. He makes some comments to I think he might like me. I
dont know. Anyways, about me a little... I am 20 years old
soon to be 21 in August. I am a lesbian. I just broke up
with my girlfriend not to long ago. It hurts a lot but I am
getting better. Especially when I go out and get hit on.
Thats funny. I have the biggest crush on this girl that
goes to the bar that I hang out at. Her name is Mason. She
Is the most georgeus thing I have ever seen in my life. To
bad I don't think she knows I exist. Well she does, cause I
have talked to her, and been to her house, but she don't
know I exist that way. I dont know it's wierd. Oi! Then
there is Katie, she wants me really bad! She is cool and
all and she is kinda cute, but not really my type I dont
think. Maybe I just dont know her all that well. Plus I am
not wantingto get into another relationship, considering
how weird my last one went. Any way, I guess I am done for
the night nothing else more to say. Oh! The movie we went
to see tonight was Cheaper By The Dozen. It was super


*~*~*By they way-- the names have been changed for privacy.

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