lyssa's Diary!
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2003-12-26 07:02:23 (UTC)

Christmas Eve... what a weird one!

well, it started out ok. Melissa called me telling me she
was in deep shit becuz Jimmy had found out(her ex fiance)
that she lied and really cheated on him and she needed
advice! sooooo, i gave her my best and for her to do the
right thing! after that i went to work.. blah! yea can u
believe it i actully went to work! so it was sooo slow, and
soo annoying! but i got through it. my friend Crystal and i
were laughing and decided to call AJ and have him meet us
there. so i call, he doesnt answer. then i have my friend
call, he answers shes like "meet at he bonney lake jack in
the box between now and 8:30" lets just say he never showed
i got home and i talked to melissa, then i got off the
phone (she calls soooo much) and told me he talked more
shit and i was just upset. then i just called him.. he
answered nad i wished him a merry christmas... then we just
talked.. and kept on talken. then i asked for him to come
over to discuss some things. he said OK. so around 1 am he
showed up... we decided to talk i nth car sense my dad
hates his guts! lol.... so we sat tehre had our akward
silences and then just started laughing i forgot how much
fun i really had with him. but then i asked him why he
talked so badly about me. and he didnt know what i was
talken about, and then he asked me, and i was like "what?"
and then we btoh said melissa told us. thats when we
realized that melsisa was lyen and she had been playen us.
he then showed me emails on his sidekick that she had sent
him and stuff she said about me pretty much for ne one to
hate a person. i then understood why he ddint want to alk
to me and he did too on my part, thats when i called her
and he was listening to me and her talken we were soo
pissed, and then she called him... thats when i found
out... that they were together! she had always told me she
didnt want to date him like that and he was just a friend.
i found out she was hte one who hit on him and said she
loved him first. i was sooooo mad! he had no idea she was
sayen this stuff!!! and neither did i.
then we started arguing.. and my stupid self just wanted it
to stop and i grabbed his shirt and kissed him! he didnt
know what to say... then we went on about melissa sense she
kept on callen... we kinna dropped it he said hes over her
and hes never gonna talk to her again i got it outta her
that they are dating she kinna knew aj was right next to me
but never for sure. then we just made out. and imsorry but
it was the best feeling ever. i actully have feelings for
AJ still like soo much. it was soo weird cuz i hadnt kissed
someone with that kind of feeling in a long time and i
could tell he felt the same way. just by the kiss. then he
looked at me rubbed my face with the back of his hand,
pulled my hair back and just looked at me. i really loved
him and he really loved me.. u could just feel it. around 5
am i got outta the car (and no nuthin else happend LOL) and
went to bed. the next morning was christmas!!!!