Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-12-26 05:59:10 (UTC)


Okay, last night was really messed up. I guess it was just
a combination of things. Hormones, fatigue, stress, I
seemed to have it all last night. Then I gave up, ate
salad and cornbread in the dark (the only things that were
left after my son threw out my $15 dinner), and went to
sleep. Then I was up by 5 this morning. I finished
wrapping all of the gifts, did the whole Santa thing, and
was ready to get started by 7 this morning. My Mom was
supposed to be here by 7, and, as usual, she was late. I
piddled around until my son got up, then got started just
cleaning up a bit before all of this stuff started today.
My Mom gets here, we start cooking and continue cleaning.
By 9:30 my ex calls to see about my son's Christmas, well,
surprise, surprise, we haven't done it yet! It just didn't
feel right to do Christmas with him alone today without my
husband being here, so I asked him to wait until the other
family members got here. He was verrrry good about it!
At 11:30, my husband calls, and again we go through why we
haven't done Christmas yet. As a matter of fact, at that
time, we still didn't have anybody here for Christmas yet.
Then they start rolling in. We do lots of eating and
visiting, and eventually we start opening presents. All is
going well, it's 4:30/5 in the afternoon, and the only
drawback is that my middle brother has not shown up and we
can't get a response from him after a call that told us
that we woke him up.
We're all kinda aggravated, but know that we have to move
on with the day, with or without him, it's not our fault he
partied too hard last night. My Dad is outside because he
got too hot inside, and he comes in and motions for my Mom
to come out, right now. She and my baby brother go out, my
baby brother comes back in, tells his fiancee that he is
going to the hospital, and all comes to a stop. My middle
brother has continued to neglect his seizure medication.
He has had a wreck and is in the hospital. He has hit a
utility pole with his car and we don't know how bad things
are. It turns out, he's in critical care, and has a broken
rib thus far. His car is totaled, and he let the insurance
lapse last month. He still owes $11,000 or more on the
car. He's lucky to even be alive. What a Christmas gift!
I was asked this morning to call my husband when we were
opening gifts, and with all of the excitement, I neglected
to call him until later on when things simmered down. I
called him, told him what was going on, and he asks me if I
am ready for my final Christmas gift. I say sure. He
tells me to go get my gift out of his top dresser drawer.
I have to admit, I was very curious as to what was my gift,
and I went looking for it earlier. I had found where he
had hidden it, honestly hoping for a ring of some sort and
was disappointed yesterday when I shook it and it rattled.
So today I open it, expecting earrings originally (until my
son blabbed that it was a necklace when I opened another
necklace earlier in the day). It turns out, he couldn't
afford the ring setting yet, so he had a diamond placed in
a necklace, to be placed in a ring later! He had involved
my Mom in the charade for the presentation of 'my diamond',
but will all that happened, it didn't go that well. So I
guess I am now officially engaged to the man that I love!
What a crazy day this has been! But what a blessed day it
is! To get engaged from Texas to Pennsylvania, that's a
new one! Happy Holidays!