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2003-12-26 04:53:12 (UTC)

yeahhhhh another great day at..

yeahhhhh another great day at work... actually today wasnt
to bad minus the one girl that shit 3 times i mean come on
now 3 times in 8 hours... they must of gave her
something... but it was great today... i got to wake up
extra early even tho i didnt sleep much with my niece and
newphew all night... lol but i got some sleep until mom
woke me up b tickling my feet... damn women lol jk i love
my mom :o) we r so much a like its scary lol but then we
opened presents and it wasnt to bad i got some good stuff
and some bad stuff... butt hen i went outside to find out
that my tire was half flat!!!!! but its all good now.. i
pumped her up.. gotta love these muscles :o) well then i
got to drive home from auburn in the fog and on a
pratically empty highway lol however like a mil before i
got off the interstate exit 39 newport dexter exit to be
exact.... there was an accident someone flipped there car
in the ditch.. let me tell u he excitement in my drive well
then i went to my dads and opened presents there wahoo but
his g/f and nana and grampie still have some for me but
then i drove back to bangor took a shower and got dressed
for work and opened the presents from rick and cheri which
really they didnt have to do.. but then ryans grandparents
even sent me up a gift... they really love me they think im
just a doll what can i say i guess i have that look to
me :o) lol but then i had work fun fun.... but yeah i guess
that was my most wonderful day... oh wait the thing that
made it the best was a little special note from a special
person :o) it makes the end of the day great :o) well now
that is definetly it i swear... so toodles :o) again merry