2003-12-26 03:16:20 (UTC)

So tonight, so I lied, are you the now or never type...

I’ve completed reading the three classics of Dr. Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man, and the Picture of Dorian
Gray. While completing The Picture of Dorian Gray, I was
wondering what book I should check out from the library
now. So I figure, let’s go for something really big now.
Just so happens that this book was on my Book List quite
the while ago. Alexander Dumas’s the Count of Monte Cristo.
And quite a read it is. I didn’t want to start reading just
yet until I install a suitable atmosphere, have the energy
for it and can make quite a dent. This book is so good to
read. 2 hours and I’m done with 60 pages. I needed to take
a break cause of the lack of speed. So after some food, I
started thinking of how the atmosphere fits me, and how an
apartment of such sort would be most suitable.

I was alone for a long time today. My brothers have been
working since early morning. Mom and Dad have been invited
to this thing downstairs at the owners to some neighborly
gathering and were there for hours. This was good. I feel
the best time to read when there is nothing on t.v. and
everyone is out of my way. Basically I need to be left
alone to start. But later, I can’t get away from the book.
This one I especially can’t. It just keeps foaming itself
into the next scene. Like an actually good soap opera.
Anyway though...

I read by candle light. Seven candles. Lots of light since
mom always complains that I will bust up my eyes if I read
so much and don’t have sufficient light. I guess she’s
right. This part of her motherly instruction will always
stay with me. The table that we ate Christmas Eve dinner on
is still in my room. Actually it’s my desk, but it’s in
aligned differently, (more in the center of my room,) and
is surrounded by chairs. The “obruz” is still on it. So I
added some flowers, candles, and of course, the Lord of the
Rings soundtrack, opened the book, bada bing bada boom, I
got to reading a great story, and evolving a way to
decorate my own apartment like in the future. When I came
out at one point I realized that all the lights were out
and I wasn’t afraid of the dark. Maybe it’s just cause the
Yule ritual had an effect on me. Then again, I did do it
one day early. Anyway...

The setting was like this. The Christmas tree lights were
on. One constant, one dancing, all colorful. In my parents
room the window was decorated with blue icicle lights, and
green net lights. Very nice effect. Everything that needed
to be seen to get around was seen. Except in the bathroom
and the kitchen. So I made my way around. This felt as
though I’d be on my own. So let’s get to it. These are my
new apartment ideas:


My Christmas gifts got me thinking on the basic outlook of
an apartment. I was thinking a red and black kinda deep/
romantic/ spiritual look. Something very inspirational.
Deep red carpet, with wall of red and black as well. Not
full red, not full black. Too dominating. But some nice
design. Something that comes to mind is that old building
we would perform and have rehearsals at for “Wichry.” Only
that was red and gold velvet. It was a renaissance like
design though. I think it could be described as something
of hearts rolled in to themselves and suck. It was tapestry
really, not paint, but ooh, maybe I should go for that
instead of paint. (Then again who knows, maybe I won’t be
able to do anything to my walls if it’s an apartment. I
would love to though, and besides, this is just an
imagination thing. I could always do this to a future condo
or house.) Yeah though, now that I think of it, red velvet
tapestry, in a renaissance style would be most decorative
and ideal. If no carpet, then hardwood floors, with full
deep red walls. This would probably work best.

No wait, planning for my very own personal house. The
tapestry would be in the rooms. All of the upstairs would
be tapestry and carpet. Then the center floor would consist
of painted walls and hardwood floors. The basement would be
the entertainment area. Black floors and red walls here I
think. Not sure on this. But the bottom floor would consist
of a pool table definitely. One that matches the walls. A
bar with a variety of beverages, but non-alcoholic, some
darts, a couch, some chairs, and heck, maybe even a pole.
This would probably the home of my future cat. Yes I would
prefer a black one. Black and white very nice. But he
wouldn’t fit with the furniture. That doesn’t really matter
though, I’m very fond of the cat I have now, and it
wouldn’t bother me if he didn’t fit the room, for hell
knows I will not always be.

The furniture I haven’t really given much thought except
for the fact that I don’t want to go modern and I don’t
want to go classic. Something in between would be nice.
Maybe semi-modern. Classic is a nice look, not very comfy
though. It’s always decorated in gold though, and I do
prefer silver if anything. Not leather, not something you
can sink into. Just something comfortable, and black. Not
fluffy. When it comes to couches that is.

Everything else would be mahogany wood. I’d build it
myself, paint it, and put would protector on it. I always
dreamt of building my own book case, and my own dvd case.
These can’t be together. Also my own mahogany bar, maybe my
own alter for one vacant room. An armoire, a bunch of
closet organizers so I can put all my candles and stuff in.
The cabinets must be like that. Must have lots of different
herbs, and spices, a spice rack. (I’ll get to the garden
where the source of all these herbs will be perhaps in
another entry.)

And yes, even though I plan on not having a t.v, ever, I am
planning on buying lots and lots of dvd’s making a
collection of all the greatest movies ever made, vampire
flicks, my personal favorite movies, and the t.v. shows
that are worth watching. When it comes to the books, I must
have all the Anne Rice’s, All the hardbound classics, book
on movies, on Wicca, herbs, oils, aromatherapy,
spirituality, must have all the different bibles from all
the different religions.

Well, point being, the point that I actually decided today
and not yesterday is that I will mainly use a bunch of low
light. Perhaps those net lights on every window as a source
of natural light so one may find themselves through the
dark, but no need to waste energy, nor use too much light
on the room. Red colored probably. Or green. Maybe white,
god no. Green would be nice. It would show night in a whole
different shade. Literally.

Besides that I would use candles. I’d have one of those old
fashioned lantern like things to use whenever I need to do
something at night like read. I can easily take it from one
room to another, and the candles could be easily
replaceable. I would eventually make my own, which would
also scent the room quite nicely. So if I would need more
light during some point at night for let’s say cooking, I
would install some kind of very low maybe colored light
lights on the edge of the kitchen. Really don’t need too
much light for that. Same for the bathrooms. Which would be
black tile and red material. There’s more, I know there is,
but since I don’t feel like writing for a century,
especially since this entry is very much out of order, I
will just leave it here and heck, maybe one day even change
my mind.

P.S. I'm worried about Teresa. I called her the day of Yule
and all it said was that the number is disconnected. I have
no other number to reach her at, and there was an
earthquake somewhere in Calliland that day. I'm hoping
she's all right, when in truth I know she is, I just want
to talk to her. That night, I really wanted to talk to her,
and no one else.