Jordie Bee
2003-12-26 03:13:42 (UTC)

JOrdan,,, what the heck is this?

hey girl what you thinkin deleten my post? girl you
crazy!!! lol. well i was in texas this christmas, i
remeber thinkin,,,i miss jordan so much!!! it would be so
fun if you and i were there we could shop and have a
load of fun..... hehe!!! post me up on the "boy" situation
k? i prayin for you to make the right choice and for you
to be happy!! lulas a&f!!! (oh ps i got some tight booty
clothes from abercrombie ,,,they aren't tight but i mean
cool....) (oh yeah,,, my brothers gross) (and i miss
chase,,,) ( and i miss you),,,, ( LUL!!!!Rachel kate)

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