The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2003-12-26 03:11:54 (UTC)

Wow...Christmas Already

Well, hard to believe that it's the 25th today...and that
means it's CHRISTMAS! Hard to believe that only 10 days
ago, it was my birthday....goes to prove that this year
has gone by SUPER FAST.

I didn't get alot....but that's normal. And for me, it's
not about the presents, it's about my family being
together again for a christmas, let alone any holiday.
This is the first time in 2 years since my younger grandma
passed away, and haven't done anything as a "Family" for a
long today was very special for me in that way.

My mom and dan (I call dan her boyfriend lol) are coming
down on saturday....which is like the 27th, and i get to
spend the night with them in a hotel with waterslides,
swimming pool, a hot tub...and TV lol. And it's gonna be a
FUNNNNNNN night, cause i get to go out drinkin (this is
once in a blue moon i do this) among other's
gonna be one hell of a day lol

What else to write? Ummm....well, Since this is my first
entry, I suppose i'll tell ya about my cell phone that i
got on ummm.....the 19th this's been dead
almost everyday thanks to games and certain people who
text me (No names mentioned lol) but it's a cool
phone...if you're interested it's a samsung a540 lol.

Anyways, that's my life up until today....boring as usual,
and i will add to this EVERYDAY to show ya how boring it
is lol

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